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Office Hours: M-F 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm
Summer Office Hours: M-F 7:30am-12:00pm and 12:30pm-4:00pm

Our mission is to ENROLL, SERVE, and EDUCATE minoritized students with the goal to EMPOWERMENT, LIBERATION, and JUSTICE for all. We seek to be anti-racist and anti-oppressive in our decision-making, policies, and practices. We will work with internal and external stakeholders, including local businesses, alumni, and community organizations, in order to do this through the curricular and co-curricular offerings of the institution. (Garcia, 2018)


The Equity Office provides advising and support resources for specific student groups interested in careers in education. Among these are financial aid and work study candidates, Cal-grant recipients, students that are first in their family to attend college and bilingual students.


  • Academic advising (program requirements)
  • Career choices and selecting a major
  • Evaluation Bilingual Authorization
    1. The Bilingual Authorization is added to the Single Subject, Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credentials and requires:
      3 units in a Cultural Diversity course
         - ETHN 100 Ethnic America or equivalent
      3 units in a Race/Ethnicity course
         - Ethnic Studies courses or equivalents with focus on population of emphasis: Hmong or Spanish
      60 hours of involvement in the target community, Spanish or Hmong
         - Paid or unpaid experience, preferably in the grade level credential is pursued in.
      Language examination in Hmong or Spanish
         - Hmong CSET – Subtest II
         - Spanish CSET – Subtest III
      Pre-requisite Course Requirements
         - EDUC 170 Introduction to Educating English Language Learners
      (Lecture & 10 hours tutoring an EL student)
         - EDUC 100A/B Education of Students w/ Disabilities in Inclusive
      Settings (Lecture & 30 hours fieldwork students with special needs)
         - HLSC 136 School Health Ed (Equivalent can be taken at community
         - KINS 172 Elementary PE Methods (Equivalent one-day workshop can be completed during the program) Required for Multiple Subjects candidates only

    2. Competency in Linguistic Bilingual Methodology
         - EDUC 175 Pedagogy and Academic Language Skills in Spanish for Bilingual Educators or
         - EDUC 172 Introduction to Hmong Literacy
      Competency in English Language Development/Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (ELD/SDAIE)
         - EDSS 279A/B Methods for Teaching Secondary EL’s or
         - EDMS 272A Methods for Teaching Second Language Learners or
         - EDSP 292A/B Teaching EL with Disabilities

  • Faculty Student Mentors provide individual and group support for CBEST and CSET, tutoring, test-taking skills and strategies
  • Information and assistance with our programs and teaching credential applications, financial aid and scholarships
  • Assistance with Bilingual Authorizations for teaching credential candidates
  • Request an advising appointment

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Job Opportunity: ASES Instructor, Language Academy of Sacramento
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California Mini-Corps Program

College Students with a rural migrant background work as tutors to serve as role models that raise the educational and career aspirations of migrant students in local rural schools. Contact: Juanita Lupercio-Ortega at jlortega@bcoe.org

For application information, please check out the following links:

Tutor Application, Tutor App. Brochure, Blue Brochure

Career Center: College of Education Resources Explore career opportunities in education.
CBEST Tutoring/Guided Quick Review of CBEST Reading, Writing, & Math

CBEST - Reading, Writing, and Math                                                                                                                                    Take the practice test CBEST reading, writing, and math ( here) and bring your results.

To schedule an appointment, please email: edeq@csus.edu

Faculty Student Mentor Program

You may also contact our Peer Mentors, Niecey & Paul, at edeq@csus.edu for assistance in completing and submitting all credentials program applications. ( CSU Apply / College of Education Supplemental Application)

*When coming to see a mentor, please bring your personal laptop.

CSET Tutoring/Guided Quick Review of CSET I, II, and III

CSET - Multiple Subject - I, II, III
CSET - English - I, II, III, IV
CSET - Mathematics - I, II, III
CSET - Science - I, II, III

Take the practice test CSET I, II, & III ( here) and bring your results.

Math 51 and 52

Offered through the College of Continuing Education these courses help prepare you for Math CSET I and II. 

For information, please email Dr. Gary Shannon:  shannong@csus.edu or call (916)-278-6228.

Multiple Subjects CSET Review Sessions
For current/future CSUS Credential Program Applicants
Space is limited:
To RSVP, please fill out the following form: Click here
CSET Subtest I: TBA
CSET Subtest II: TBA

CSET Subtest I: TBA
CSET Subtest II: TBA
Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)


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Equity Coordinator

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Equity Coordinator