Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT)

Candidates, both multiple subject and single subject, will submit their Teaching Event on TaskStream no later than 4:00 PM on the Monday following the 10th week of instruction during the last semester of student teaching. No late submissions are allowed.

In 1998 the California Senate passed SB2042, comprehensive legislation that established new program standards for teacher preparation programs throughout the state. This legislation charted a new vision for teacher development in our state – from subject matter preparation (at the undergraduate level) through pedagogical preparation (in credential programs) through the first two years of professional practice (through induction programs like the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program-BTSA).

With SB2042 and subsequent legislation (e.g., SB1209), the Legislature and its attendant bodies, like the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC), have sought to bring coherence to pre-service and in-service teacher preparation and development in our state.

One strategy for bringing this vision to reality is through the assessment process. SB2042 established the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), a set of 13 candidate outcomes that are meant to guide program content and experiences. The TPEs map directly on to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) which outline 6 domains of performance for in-service teachers. Each teacher preparation program is mandated to implement a Teaching Performance Assessment where attainment of the TPEs is measured for each candidate. Districts and schools are creating similar tools for measuring CSTP attainment for in-service teachers. (TPEs and the relationship between TPEs and the CSTPs are detailed in Appendix A).

The PACT was designed and has been pilot-tested and refined by a consortium of 33 teacher preparation programs throughout the state. The consortium includes both private universities (such as Stanford University) and public universities (including 13 CSU campuses like ours and several UC campuses) as well as school districts that offer state funded intern programs.

The PACT meets the assessment standards (19-21) of SB2042 and is designed as an authentic, summative performance assessment, administered to candidates in the final stage of their teacher preparation program.

PACT Resources

Candidates in our teacher preparation program will complete a summative assessment, the Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT). Detailed information about PACT is provided to candidates throughout their program in both coursework and student teaching.

The PACT Candidate Handbook
The Candidate Handbook for PACT contains detailed information for candidates planning for the PACT evaluation.

Learn More About the College's Evaluation System
The Evaluation of Candidates brochure describes she general philosophy and methods of the College's candidate evaluation system.

PACT Video Permission Forms 

Equipment Loan

The College of Education will lend you equipment to complete your PACT event. You may choose to check out an iPad and/or tripod. We try to accommodate all requests for specific equipment, but cannot guarantee your preference.

Additional Information

The PACT Website is the central source of information for the PACT Consortium, a group of 33+ teacher preparation programs in California that use the PACT Teaching Event as their state-mandated teaching performance assessment. On this site, you can find the most current content area handbooks, the most current content area rubrics and excellent reference materials including "Making good choices" and "Thinking behind the rubrics."

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