Basic iPad Set-up for PACT

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Filming your PACT event

  1. Mount your iPad on the Tripod or iStabilizer tripod
  2. Orient your iPad in the horizontal (Long) direction.
  3. Turn your iPad on.
    Note: if you are going to record more than 30 minutes straight it is recommended that you plug in the iPad in to the charger until you need to move around and video individual work.
  4. Focus the iPad on the area of the room you wish to record.
  5. Find your camera icon in the bottom taskbar and tap it to open the camera.
  6. On the right hand side of the screen choose ''Video"
  7. To begin the video program tap the red button. It will.begin recording almost immediately.
  8. To stop the video press the same button.
  9. Make sure your video is saved to the cloud account.
  10. The iPad has 32 GB of internal video which should be sufficient to film all of your PACT event without having to move your files even if it does not back up to the cloud.

Downloading your movies to non-Apple devices

  1. Using the lightning - USB cable plug the iPad into any computer with enough memory to hold the videos.
  2. Turn on the iPad - most computers will automatically install the device. Older computers may not do this. Installing iTunes will help.
  3. A window will appear asking you what to do with the device.
    1. Click on the "Open Folders to view Files" choice.
    2. You may have to click through a few folders to find your videos.
  4. Once the folder opens and you have the original video click and hold the cursor on the video you wish to copy and drag it to your desktop. This will take a few to several minutes depending on the size of the file.
  5. Once on another computer you can edit it from there with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (PC users)

NOTE: Editing your PACT Video will be covered in the PACT Tech support class during the 7th and 8th week of the course.