Christopher Palaia

Contact Information

Eureka 311
(916) 374-7214

Office Hours

Spring 2018

Joined Faculty: August 2016

Quote of Personal Interest

"Working Together Meaning Winning Together" inspired by my old Manhattan (NYC) residence back in 1994. This has been one of my lifetime favorites. This also applies to anything such as Teacher/Student, Colleague to Colleague, Colleagues/Coordinator+Dean, Husband & Wife, Parents & Children, any teams & coaches, etc.

Areas Research/Scholarly Activity

  • Avid Researcher of Statistics, Geography, Politics, Weather, Deaf-related & American Sign Language (ASL)-related stuffs (i.e. Deaf Education, etc), developed 7 approved ASL-related curriculum courses for Humanities Dept., Done tons of community services (i.e. Deaflympic 2005 in SLC, Utah, Vista Workshops, ASLTA Workshops, Cruise Coordinator, Filming for Department of Education and more).

Courses Taught

Developed 7 new ASL/Deaf-related Humanities Courses (2000-2010)
Taught various courses:

  • ASL 1 (aka DEAF 51)
  • ASL 2 (aka DEAF 52)
  • ASL 3 (aka DEAF 53)
  • ASL 4 (aka DEAF 154)
  • ASL 5 (aka DEAF 155)
  • CL Class (aka DEAF 57)
  • Fingerspelling Class (aka DEAF 56)
  • Introduction to Deaf Studies (aka DEAF 60)
  • Deaf History (aka DEAF 161)
  • Deaf Culture (aka DEAF 162)
  • ASL Literature (aka DEAF 163)
  • Sign Language Structure & Usage (aka DEAF 164)
  • Deaf World (aka DEAF 165)
  • Deaf Community (aka DEAF 166)
  • ASL Poetry
  • North America Deaf Culture
  • World Deaf Culture
  • Deaf Education
  • Deaf Politics
  • Deaf Employment
  • Introduction to Interpretation
  • Introduction to Deaf Interpreting
  • Introduction to ASL Debate
  • Introduction to ASL Public Speech
  • ASL Music
  • ASL Theatre & Arts
  • Interpreter Training Program (ITP) - now Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP), American Sign Language (ASL), ASL Teachers Association (ASLTA), Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI), Registry of Interpreter of the Deaf (RID), California Association of the Deaf (CAD), National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Jean Massieu School of the Deaf (SLC, Utah) as one of governance members of Board of Trustee for the whole state of Utah.

Educational Degrees

Undergoing Post-Graduate Studies at UC Davis & expected graduation: July 2018 on Business Analytics Certification Program (to become a Business Analyst one day).
Masters of Public Administration (MPA) (executive level) with minor of MBA
Bachelors of Science: Business Administration

Professional Awards or Commendations

  • Code of Ethics (RID)
  • Roles & Functions of Deaf Interpreters
  • Techniques for Successful Mentoring
  • Story-sharing Techniques for Vision-based classrooms, K-12
  • International Sign/Gesture Workshop
  • Signing Naturally (SN), Level 3 (part 1)
  • Signing Naturally (SN), Level 3 (part 2)
  • Signing Naturally (SN), Level 1
  • Signing Naturally (SN), Level 2
  • ASLTA (2003) Indianapolis, IN
  • ASLTA (2005) Las Vegas, NV
  • ASLTA (2009) San Diego, CA
  • ASLTA (2011) Seattle, WA
  • Actor of the Year (1987)
  • Actor of the Year (1983)
  • Newscaster of the Year (1982)
  • Actor - Main Role in a Movie (2001-05)

Select Publications

TV Spotter for American Cancer Society (Sponsored by John L. Sullivan's Sullivan Auto Group) (2017)

TSan Francisco Chronicle & Fremont Argus Newspapers & San Francisco local news (NBC) interviewed me as an actor back in 1986/87, "Sign Me, Alice"


Last updated: Febuary 7, 2018
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