Lisa Romero

Contact Information

Associate Professor
Eureka 220
(916) 278-7690 

Educational Degrees

PhD Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
MA Public Administration
BS Public Administration

Select Publications

Romero, L.S. (2018) The Discipline Gap: What’s Trust Got to Do with It?  Teachers College Record. 120 (11), 1-30.

Romero, L.S. and Mitchell, D.E. (2018) Toward understanding trust: A response to Adams and Miskell. Education Administration Quarterly. 54(1), 152-170.

Ryan, S. and Romero, L.S. (in press). The past, present, and future of social capital measurement among youth in Bartee, R.D. & George, P.L (EDs). Contemporary Perspective on Social Capital in Educational Contexts. Information Age Publishing.

Mitchell, D.E.  and Romero, L.S. (2018). Politics of education. Oxford Bibliographies. Oxford University Press.

Vasquez Heilig, J., Romero, L.S. & Hopkins, M.  (2017). Coign of vantage and action? Considering California’s local control accountability and school finance plans for English learners. Education Policy Analysis Archives.

Romero, L.S. (2015). Trust, behavior, and high school achievement. Journal of Educational Administration. 53(2), 215-236 

Mitchell, R. and Romero, L.S. (2015). Responsibility at the core of public education: Students, teachers, and the curriculum. In Mitchell, D.E. and Ream, R.K. (Eds.), Professional Responsibility: The Fundamental Issue in Education and Healthcare Reform. NY: Springer Publishing, 11-37.

Nash, M. A. and Romero, L.S. (2012). Citizenship for the college girl: Challenges and opportunities in higher education for women in the United States in the 1930s. Teachers College Record

Mitchell, D.E. and Romero, L.S. (2010). The Politics and practice of alternative certification. Education Administration Quarterly 46(3), 363-394.