Alexander "Sasha" Sidorkin

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Eureka 206
(916) 278-3326 

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Spring 2018

Joined Faculty: February 2017

Quote of Personal Interest

"In the beginning, there was relation"
-Martin Buber, 1971

Areas Research/Scholarly Activity

Philosophy of Education
Economics of Education
Innovations in Education
Teacher education

Educational Degrees

Ph.D. in Education, University of Washington
Ph.D. in Education, The Institute for History and Theory of Education, Moscow, Russia
M.A. in Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
Specialist, Teacher of History and Social Studies, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Russia

Select Publications


Labor of Learning: Market and the Next Generation of Educational Reform. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2009. PDF

Видео лекции на основе книги на русском

Learning Relations: Impure Education, Deschooled Schools, and Dialogue with Evil. New York: Peter Lang, 2002. PDF

Beyond Discourse: Education, the Self and Dialogue. Buffalo: SUNY Press, 1999. PDF

Парад предрассудков [Parade of Prejudices and Superstitions]. Moscow: Znanie, 1992.

Пособие для начинающих Робеспьеров [A Beginning Robespierre's Guide]. Moscow: Znanie, 1990.


"Education for Jobless Society," Studies in Philosophy and Education, in print "University Ratings: Imperfect but Indispensable," Higher Education in Russia and Beyond, 04 2015: 8-10.

"Campbell’s Law and the Ethics of Immensurability,” Studies in Philosophy and Education, 34/4.

"Прагматический либерализм и модернизация воспитания" [The Pragmatic Liberalism and the Modernization of Vospitaniye], Вопросы Образования 2, 2014, 279-298.

"Idolaters, Iconoclasts, and Iconophiles: The Productive Ideal and Philosophy of Education." Philosophy of Education Archive, 2014, 302-310.

"Профессиональная подготовка учителей в США: уроки для России" [Teacher training in the US: Lessons for Russia], Вопросы Образования 1, 2013: 136-155.

"The Russian Method," Other Education 1/1, 2012: 61-78.

“Mad hatters, jackbooted managers, and the massification of higher education,” Educational Theory 62/4, 2012: 487-500.

“Are schools improvable? A rumination on positionality,” Philosophy of Education Archive 2010, Urbana, Illinois: Philosophy of Education Society, 2010, 278-285.

"John Dewey: A case of educational utopianism," Philosophy of Education Archive 2009, Urbana, Illinois: Philosophy of Education Society, 2009: 191-199.

“What do we want them to want to do? Against intrinsic motivation,” Proceedings of the 11th Biennial Conference Education and Multicultural Education, August 9-12, 2008, Kyoto University: 337-346.

"Is Schooling a Consumer Good?: A Case Against School Choice, But Not the One You Had in Mind," in Barbara Stengel, Ed. Philosophy of Education Archive 2007, Urbana, IL: Philosophy of Education Society, 2007: 75-83.

“Human Capital and Labor of Learning: A Case of Mistaken Identity,” Educational Theory, 57/2, 2007, 159-170.

"The New Slavery, or Chrysalization of Class", Philosophy of Education 2006, Urbana, Illinois: Philosophy of Education Society, 2006, 417-425. Перевод на русский

"The student error," Philosophy of Education Archive 2005. Urbana, Illinois: Philosophy of Education Society, 2005, 137-145.

"Chayanov’s Rule and School Reform," Philosophical Studies in Education 36, 2005, 67-76. “In the Event of Learning,” Educational Theory 54/3, 2004, 251-62.

"Panopticon of the Second Kind: Self-Reforming During the Era of Excellence," Journal of Thought, Summer 2004, 17-33.

“The unlikely faces of professional development in urban schools: Preparing at-risk students and colleges for each other,” (with John Fischer, Lynne Hamer, Lucy Long, Julie McArthur, Art Samel, and Judith Zimmerman) Educational Horizons 83/3, Spring 2004, 203-212.

“Student Labor and Evolution of Education,” World Futures 60/3, 2004, 183-194.

“Lyotard and Bakhtin: Engaged Diversity in Education,” The Interchange 33/1, 2002, 85-97.

“Aesthetics and the Paradox of Educational Relation,” (with Charles Bingham) Journal of Philosophy of Education 35, Issue 1, February 2001, 21-30.

“Labor of Learning,” Educational Theory 51/1, Winter 2001, 91-108.

“Authoritarianism and Democracy in Soviet Schools: A Tale of John Dewey’s Ideas and the Woman Who Brought down the Berlin Wall,” East/West Education 19, 1998-2000, 121-130.

“Toward a Pedagogy of Relation,” Philosophical Studies in Education 32, 2000, 9-14.

“Dialogue with Evil,” Journal of Thought 34/3, Fall 1999, 9-19.

“The Fine Art of Sitting on Two Stools: Multicultural Education Between Postmodernism and Critical Theory,” Studies on Philosophy and Education 18/3, 1999,143-155.

“Redefinition of Plurality: On the Value of Double Messages,” Education and Society 16/1, 1998, 99-104.

“Authenticity-Dialogicality-Recognition: An Improbable Journey,” Philosophical Studies in Education, 1997, 83-90.

“Carnival and Third Places: Pedagogies of Neither Care, Nor Justice,“ Educational Theory 47/2, Spring 1997, 229-238.

“The Pedagogy of the Interhuman,” Philosophy of Education 1995. Urbana, Illinois: Philosophy of Education Society, 1995, 412-419.

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