Charles and Leora Keaster Memorial Scholarship

About the Sponsor

Charles Keaster (1915-2011) and his wife Leora (1908-2006) were passionate about children receiving equitable educational opportunities regardless of socioeconomic background, ethnicity, religion, or special needs. They designated this endowment to continue the fulfillment of their passion.

After his return from WWII, Army Sgt. Keaster earned a Ph.D. in education at Sacramento State University. As a teacher he became aware that the physically and mentally challenged children of Woodland area farmers were further handicapped by lack of proper educational access. Charles and Leora, who worked for the Superintendent of Schools, developed innovative methods of delivering needed education to the disadvantaged and advocated for the widespread adoption of these methods.

Later, as Administrator and Superintendent of Schools for San Francisco, Dr. Charles Keaster gained renown for his work with impaired children; his teaching models have been employed across the globe. Even after retirement, he was visited by education officials seeking his guidance from as far away as Japan. Charles and Leora were not blessed with children of their own. However, their legacy will continue to bear fruit in the children whose minds and lives this endowment enriches.





  • Good academic standing
  • Any class level
  • Must be accepted or enrolled into any major or program offered within the College of Education
  • Financial need may be considered but not required
  • May be enrolled full or part time
  • Must be enrolled at time of award