Dr. Chuck Toto Memorial Graduate Scholarship

About the Sponsor

A third generation Italian, Dr. Charles “Chuck” Toto dedicated his life to teaching. He graduated from San Francisco State with a Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential and completed his Master’s in Educational Administration. He received his doctorate in educational administration and got his administration credential at University of California Berkeley.

During World War II, Toto served with the U.S. Army Air Corps as an instructor for instrument flying and navigation. He started his teaching career at El Camino High School located at El Camino and Eastern Avenue. He recalled, “in those days, the school was located out of town amongst farm fields.’” He worked at Sacramento State for 15 years from 1968-1983 where he was a supervisor for foreign language teachers. Having attained full professorship in a mere 5 years, his favorite experience was teaching Contemporary Educational Thought.

Dr. Toto spoke four languages - English, Spanish, French, and Italian - and was a master in the history of words and their origins. He also studied Latin, Anglo Saxon and medieval Spanish. Throughout his life, he was always fascinated with where different words came from and read the dictionary from cover to cover as he got “lost” in his exploration for words.

Dr. Toto believed as a faculty member his job was to teach his students to question, to analyze and to critically think about what they were learning. He was well-liked by his students and enjoyed life long friendships with many of them. He always said he didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up!

Dr. Toto stated that throughout his life, he saw no reason to look for the right answers; instead he always looked for the right questions. It was his hope that this scholarship will help a deserving student attain their teaching credential and begin their own quest for knowledge.

Dr. Toto also supported two scholarships through the Carmichael Elks Lodge; one for a high school student going to college and one for a high school student who is attending an alternative school to learn a trade.

Dr. Toto passed away at the age of 95 years in January 2016.





  • Minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  • Limited to students accepted or enrolled in any College of Education major
  • Limited to seniors or graduate students
  • Financial need maybe considered but is not required
  • May be enrolled full or part time
  • Must be enrolled at time of award