Gale Beeman Scholarship

About the Sponsor

Gale Beeman was born October 18, 1911 in Portland, Maine. She grew up in Hawaii, where her father was principal of Maui High School, and in Burlingame, although she later lived over 50 years in Sacramento. Gale completed the coursework for her bachelors degree at Mills College, University of Arizona and San Jose State, with a collection of courses her advisors warned her would never lead to employment. She received her masters degree from Stanford University.

Gale worked as the Supervisor of Speech and Guidance in the Burlingame Schools, using her speech and teaching credentials and overseeing remedial reading. She was the first school psychologist in the Sacramento City Schools, and we suspect she may have been the first school psychologist in California, following 1948 legislation creating the credential and the role, to regulate the placement in classes for students with mental retardation.

Gale Beeman never married or had children and never used the title Ms. but it certainly would have suited her. Her accomplishments were such that clippings in her scrapbook sometimes refer to her as Dr. Beeman although she did not complete her PhD. She did, however, explore a plethora of other interests, including international travel, oil painting, writing poems, creating a children's board game, and attempting to patent a chemical substance the purpose of which has been lost. She built much of her second home in Tahoe by hand. To top all this off, Gale got her Screen Actors; Guild card while in her 70's and appeared in a few commercials, plus a 1987 movie.

Gale passed away in November of 2005 and was buried on a windy hillside in Colma, California. Her family considers her a Renaissance Woman and is proud that she chose to bequeath a scholarship to the School Psychology Program at Sacramento State.





  • Good academic standing
  • Limited to students accepted or enrolled in the School Psychology program
  • Financial need may be considered but is not required
  • May be enrolled full or part time
  • Must be enrolled at time of award