Jane Ducey Memorial Scholarship

About the Sponsor

The Jane Ducey Memorial Scholarship fund was established by Dr. Nancy Lee Cecil, in memory of Jane, who was her beloved mentor, and who was instrumental in helping her to learn about the Cruxian people and how best to help their children learn.

Jane Ducey was a science educator who moved to the island of St. Croix in the U. S. Virgin Islands and taught there for over twenty years. She demonstrated a deep love and compassion for the island people, flora, and fauna, that allowed her to transcend the racial strife and political turmoil that existed within an island that was experiencing many of the difficult growing pains that occur in a cutting-edge third world country.

The scholarship is to be awarded to a future teacher who manifests a passion for learning, but who also sees the celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity as a core value in his or her life. Thus, such a recipient will be seeking a teaching position in the classroom where there are the greatest challenges but the largest opportunities to make a difference in this world.





  • Good academic standing
  • Limited to students within any major in the Teacher Education concentration
  • Any class level
  • Financial need may be considered but is not required
  • May be enrolled full or part time
  • Must be enrolled at time of award