Kelvin and Shirley Lee in Teacher Education Endowed Scholarship

About the Sponsor

Kelvin and Shirley Lee, both retired longtime educators, recognized that their success could be attributed to the many sacrifices others made so that they could advance their careers. To pay tribute to their parents who gave so much to ensure their success, Kelvin and Shirley Lee established an endowed scholarship to support students who are in the teacher preparation program in the Placer county cohort.

The offspring of hardworking families, Kelvin and Shirley understand the dedication that is needed to become a teacher. Shirley’s father, with only a sixth grade education, owned and operated a custom grain harvesting business that traveled between Bakersfield and Yuba City. Kelvin’s father, a high school graduate, worked as an aircraft instrument technician for the United States Air Force.

Dr. Kelvin Lee, Sacramento State alumnus and retired Superintendent of Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District, played a vital role in the Sacramento State Placer County Teacher Training Program. Dr. Lee spearheaded efforts to establish a Placer County cohort to train school administrators and classroom teachers. His work resulted in a dynamic partnership with Sacramento State to offer courses for aspiring school administrators and teachers in Placer County which continues on today. The success and effectiveness of this partnership can be directly attributed to Dr. Kelvin Lee.

Shirley Lee completed 37 years as a highly honored classroom teacher. She was selected as the outstanding teacher of the year in two different school districts, contributed to one of the most widely read books for first year teachers, hosted student teachers from both the Sacramento and San Jose areas and shared her experiences at workshops throughout California. Shirley has been the inspiration for a number of her students to join the ranks of her profession.

Because Kelvin and Shirley have benefited so much from the support of others, it is their desire to benefit future teachers through this endowment. As educators, Kelvin and Shirley have watched the struggles of student teachers as they balance the demands of student teaching with the need to earn a living. It is their desire to offer support to these students who strive so hard to make a dream come true for them and their future students.





  • Minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  • Limited to students accepted or enrolled in the multiple subject credential program
  • No financial need required;
  • May be enrolled full or part time
  • Must be enrolled at time of award
  • Preference for candidates with a commitment to teach in Placer County