Lorna Anderson Brown Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education

About the Sponsor

Lorna Anderson Brown writes: I am the daughter of Swedish-American parents. My father was an immigrant to America from Sweden. My mother was born in America of Swedish immigrant parents. Swedish was my mother’s first language.

My parents sponsored fourteen family members to America from Sweden and Canada. Most of these families lived with us for two years until they could adjust to the American culture and become self-sufficient in their newly adopted country. Countless other Swedish families and friends were helped by my parents who were inspirational to all. They set an extraordinary example of what it means to sacrifice, to care enough to act upon ones commitment to friends and family and to be exemplary American citizens.

In addition, my parents’ commitment to my sister and me was steadfast throughout our lives. Their love and guidance was soft-spoken and mirrored by example in thought, word, and deed. We followed through with expectations because “we didn't want to hurt their hearts.” They expected our best and rewarded our efforts. We prospered under their enabling care.

I do believe that everyone should experience a special time in life when everything magically comes together to create “one extra special moment.” In my case it was due to the efforts of many. I attribute my good fortune to my parents, sister, extended family and friends and teachers in the public schools in Sacramento and professors at Sacramento State. I was a beginning sophomore at Sac State in 1957 and ultimately, the first in my family to graduate from college.

My special moment in time was being selected third runner up in the nationally televised Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1957. I so enjoyed playing my accordion for the nation and especially representing my hometown of Sacramento, and California and my school - so dear to my heart, Sacramento State. All things are possible with a good education!

I graduated in 1960 with a degree in Elementary Education. (My special calling was due in part to my need to follow my parents’ example to nurture, support and positively affect the lives of others.) I began teaching third grade in the fall of 1960.

I later moved on to a variety of positions teaching children with learning disabilities in Special Education. As an Area Resource Teacher I was responsible for LD programs in sixteen K-12 schools. I attained my master’s in Special Education from Sac State. I loved my chosen profession and served for twenty three years – eighteen in San Juan Unified School District.

My children benefited from my choice of teaching as a career. By example my children aspired to and achieved multiple degrees and lofty professions.

My wish is for this scholarship in education to be given in honor of my parents and the teachers in my life who inspired me to set lofty goals and strive to achieve them. My goal is to enable students in education to become teachers so that they might effect positive change and create a better world for us all, one child at a time. Together with my husband, our legacy will be to enable other students in education to experience their own uniquely personal “magic” moment in time.





  • Minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  • Limited to students accepted or enrolled in the multiple subject credential program
  • Financial need required
  • Must be enrolled at least half time at time of award