Marie Brushia & Lorraine Valine Special Women Scholarship

About the Sponsor

Roger and Marie Valine established this scholarship in honor of their mothers’ dedication to family and to persevering through challenges and limitations in life.

Marie Valine’s mother, Marie Brushia, was born in 1917 in Sacramento. Because of her husband’s Parkinson’s disease, Marie was bread winner for her 6 daughters. She started working in the local cannery cafeteria and after getting some secretarial training was able to move up into a stenographer position with the California Highway Patrol Information office. Her complete dedication to supporting her family and care giving for her husband for 45 years is an example of the perseverance and commitment that is the genesis for this scholarship.

Roger Valine’s mother, Lorraine Valine worked on the family farm as the cook for 10 men who helped her father bale hay. There was no automation at the time, so baling hay was extremely demanding work. Lorraine is remembered for her dedication to the family and the Portuguese community and had a keen organizational mind.

Roger and Marie want this scholarship to go to deserving students who will need to work their way through college. The scholarship is intended to be an aid to education and not a full entitlement. Like their mothers, the Valine’s want this scholarship to go to individuals who, like their mothers, demonstrate a dedication to family and community.





  • Minimum 2.8 GPA
  • Limited to students accepted or enrolled in any College of Education credential program
  • Financial need may be considered but is not required
  • must be enrolled at least half time at time of award
  • Preference for students whose parents did not have the opportunity to attend college