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Add/Drop Procedures

The College of Business Administration has been operating remotely since Tuesday, March 16, 2020. The Fall 2020 semester will be primarily delivered virtually. Please read the following information on adding and dropping courses.


Registration Assistance

Late registration for Fall 2020 will be open to all students from August 10-27 for schedule adjustments. If a class has open seats and you meet pre-requisites you should be able to add yourself to the class through your Student Center on My Sac State. Please review information below for enrollment assistance before contacting our office. We cannot assist with enrollment in courses outside of the College of Business Administration.


Possible Registration Issues

Check the course details in the class search for enrollment restrictions and current capacity. Several common error messages are addressed below.

“You must obtain permission to take this class (department consent).”
Use this form to request administrative enrollment (typically DS 101 or GM 105):

screenshot of department consent example
“You must obtain permission to take this class (instructor consent).”
Contact the instructor of record via email (directory available at If they are able to accommodate your request to add, the instructor will have you administratively enrolled by the Academic Programs Office.
Please note that the first day of academic work for faculty is August 26, so you may not receive a response until after that date.

screenshot of instructor consent example

“Unable to add this class - requisites have not been met.”
You must be a Business major or minor with junior class standing (60+ units) to enroll in most upper division courses. Expressed Interest students may enroll in DS 101, HROB 101, and MGMT 102.
Some classes have specific prerequisites (i.e. FIN 101 prior to most FIN concentration courses, MKTG 101 prior to most MKTG concentration courses, several prerequisites to GM 170, WPJ score required for Writing Intensive, etc.). Check the course description or catalog listing to identify prerequisites.

If you completed the prerequisite course and are still having issues registering the class. Please complete the following form:

“Class is full.”
All available “seats” are taken. You can choose the waitlist option if available.

“There are currently no seats available and the waitlist is full.”
The class is closed. No additional students can be added beyond capacity.

“You cannot enroll at this time. You do not have an appointment to enroll and open enrollment has not yet begun.”
Registration will be open from August 10-27. It will then be closed to all students during the weekend before the beginning of the semester (28-30), and re-open on August 31.

“You are already enrolled in this class.”
You cannot enroll in multiple sections of the same course. Use the “swap” option to trade a currently-enrolled section for another of the same course.

“You cannot drop this class without dropping its co-requisite.”
OPM 101 requires that DS 101 be completed prior to or at the same time as OPM. If you have not previously passed DS 101, it must be on your current schedule to add/keep OPM 101. Other courses with similiar co-requisite requirements are: ACCY 132 (co-requisite: ACCY 131) and MKTG 121 (co-requisite: DS 101).

“You cannot add this class due to a time conflict with another class.”
Check class times on your currently-enrolled courses. Some online classes are “synchronous” and require you to be online for class during specific days and times.

“Maximum term unit load exceeded.”
Undergraduate students are limited to a maximum of 18 units (or 21 units for Fall 2020 graduating seniors). The petition to carry above these course load limits is available here:

Students may also be limited to 14 units in a semester if not in good standing with the univeristy.

Waitlist Information

Once registration closes on August 27, waitlists will be run for a final time. All available seats will be filled with eligible students from the waitlists, and then all waitlists are deleted. If you are not moved from the waitlist into the course at this point, waitlists cease to exist and have no impact on your ability to enroll when registration opens again on August 31.

If you are at the top of a waitlist, please note that you will not be enrolled in the course should space come available if you are already enrolled in another section of the same course, or have a course on your schedule that conflicts with the time of the waitlisted course.



If you still have questions. Please call in during Zoom Office Hours to speak to a Business advisor.