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Health Science College of Health & Human Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to go to Health Science?

Health Science is a group of classes that make up the nursing prerequisites. It is essentially a name change for exactly what you are doing right now. If you are not admitted to Nursing, and you do not want to graduate with a Health Science degree, the Health Science advisors will help you transfer to the best major for you.

If I don’t get into NURS, can I still become a NURS with a HLSC major?

Yes, once you have your BS degree you can explore accelerated degree programs in Nursing. We don’t offer one here, but there are both accelerated bachelor’s programs as well as master’s programs that can lead to a career in nursing.

Do I have to be a HLSC major to apply to NURS?

Having a Health Science major is not a prerequisite, although it is the Sacramento State pathway to Nursing. At Sacramento State, the Health Science major will help you gain the prerequisites to apply to the School of Nursing.

Can I just remain an EI Nursing student and continue on the path I’m on?

Expressed Interest in Nursing is not a current major. Sac State is preparing to change the name from Expressed Interest in Nursing to Health Science, in an effort to provide stronger services to students interested in pursuing the Nursing major. All EI Nursing students will be moved to our new meta-major, Health Science, allowing students to receive the advising and assistance they need. The Health Science major provides the same path into Nursing.

I thought we had a degree called Health Science, but I couldn’t get into it. What happened to that?

Previously on campus we had a degree called Health Science. Like Nursing, it was impacted and difficult to enter. The faculty of Health Science decided to keep their curriculum the same but change their name to Public Health. They also ended impaction. If you are interested in Public Health, check out the new department here:

How will Health Science look on my School of Nursing application?

While the name of your major is not weighed in your SoN application, they recognize Health Science as the new pathway into the Nursing program at Sac State.

What kinds of jobs can I get with a Health Science degree?

The new Health Science major prepares students for a very broad range of health careers and also for academic programs in nursing, recreational therapy, gerontology, child development, occupational therapy, and other health related majors.

Does the HLSC program have a minimum grade requirement?

The Health Science program expects you get a C or better in your required coursework.

How do I choose my BIO & CHEM lower-division courses?

Freshman will be given a schedule that they can choose or edit. For both freshman and transfer students, an advisor will work with you to select your best course options.

Will admission to CSUS be “at-stake” since Nursing is impacted?

Sacramento State’s mission is access for all, and admissions are open. We have created the Health Science degree path to provide stronger services to those who are interested in nursing and other health related careers.