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2020 NSM Virtual Poster Research Symposium

Welcome to the 2020 NSM virtual poster research symposium! The NSM research symposium is held each fall and offers an exciting opportunity for NSM graduate and undergraduate students to present what they have learned through their research, scholarship, and creative activities. Because of the COVID-19, the 2020 NSM research symposium is held in virtual platform. All students who are engaged in research, scholarship, and creative activity under the direction of an NSM faculty mentor are eligible to present.

Video Message from Interim Dean, Dr. Lisa Hammersley

Video Message from Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Steve Perez


2020 NSM Virtual Symposium Program

Biology - 10/16/2020 - Session A - Group 1

Time Name Topic
3:00-3:05 PM Opening remarks from Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs Steve Perez and Interim Dean Dr. Lisa Hammersley
3:05-3:10 PM Linda Acevedo Antibiotic Producing Bacteria from Sacramento State Soil
3:10- 3:15 PM Sarah Albright Impacts of body size and water movement on fragmentation in three temperate estuarine algae
3:15-3:20 PM Maria Alcaraz The genetic architecture controlling sepal size and shape in Aquilegia (columbine) flowers
3:20-3:25 PM Judith Anderson The Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Implications of Bisphenol F in Drosophila melanogaster
3:25-3:30 PM Breann Benitez The Evolution of Mouthbrooders: Are Mouthbrooders Different?
3:35-3:40 PM Mahshad Fallah Identification of Antibacterial Secondary Metabolites from Soil Bacteria
3:40-3:45 PM Heather Fletcher Career goals and faculty-mentored research influence student perceptions of course-based undergraduate research experiences
3:45-3:50 PM Anessa Forshey Parental Care in Biparental Swapping Mouthbrooder Cichlids
3:50-3:55 PM Alexandria Fulton Estimating the Occupancy of Northwestern Pond Turtles (Actinemys marmorata) and Non-native Red-eared Sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) in Agricultural Habitats in California’s Sacramento Valley and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
3:55-4:00 PM 5 Minute Break

Biology - 10/16/2020 - Session A - Group 2

Time Name Topic
4:00-4:05 PM Chad Hirano Temperature Effects on the Predatory Behavior and Interspecific Competition of Sacramento Pikeminnow (Ptychocheilus grandis) and Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides)
4:05-4:10 PM Matt Martinez Sphingosine-1-Phosphate May Protect Against the Brain Endothelial Cell Damage Observed in Alzheimer’s Disease
4:10-4:15 PM Agata Koprowska Investigating the Role of Stress in the Formation of Gene Amplification Mutants in Acinetobacter baylyi
4:15-4:20 PM Heather Larson Exposure to Bisphenol F Increases Developmental Lethality and Impacts Adult Courtship Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster
4:20-4:25 PM Sabina Khan Developing a Co-Culture Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier to Investigate Alterations in Barrier Function in Alzheimer's Disease
4:25-4:30 PM 5 Minute Break
4:30-4:35 PM Colleen Moore Parental investment decisions in a biparental cichlid fish, the convict cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata), when threatened with a dimorphic predatory-pair
4:35-4:40 PM Hector Navarro Characterization of Tiny Earth Isolate 308 and Its Antibiotic Production Against the Crown Gall Pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens
4:40-4:45 PM Angelo Niosi The Autism-Associated Chromatin Modifier, CHD8, Affects Gastrointestinal Phenotypes in Drosophila melanogaster
4:45-4:50 PM Kevin Nzenkue Determining how Bisphenol-S Impacts Axon Guidance in Drosophila melanogaster
4:50-4:55 PM Sean O'Brien Comparison of aquatic invertebrate assemblages between human-constructed and natural vernal pools using dry-season sampling methods 
4:55-5:00 PM 5 Minute Break

Biology - 10/16/2020 - Session A - Group 3

Time Name Topic
5:00-5:05 PM Joyce O'Connor Protein Quantification of Preserved Cichlid Fish Eggs
5:05-5:10 PM Eric Pennlno Impacts of COVID-19 Emergency Response Teaching on STEM Students' Anxiety and Engagement
5:10-5:15 PM Cynthia Recendez Genomic Amplification Mutants Form in the Absence of Stressful Conditions in Acinetobacter baylyi
5:15-5:20 PM Hali Rederer Pacific Herring Eggs Accumulate on Eelgrass in Tomales Bay, California, Suggesting Herring Might Prefer Eelgrass for Spawning
5:20-5:25 PM Crystal Rigby Effect of Temperature on Growth Rate of Saprolegnia on Convict Cichlid Eggs
5:25-5:30 PM 5 Minute Break
5:30-5:35 PM Alessandra Rodriguez  Co-culturing Streptomyces Isolates with Mycolic-Acid Containing Mycobacterium smegmatis to Increase Antibiotic Production
5:35-5:40 PM  Emily Rozok Nitrate respiration in Klebsiella oxytoca is facilitated by the NarG operon.
5:40-5:45 PM Kristyn Schulte Genetic Analysis of Population Connectivity of a Vulnerable Mesocarnivore, the Ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) in an Inland Island Mountain Range
5:45-5:50 PM  Vanesa Serna Investigating the effects of Serpentine soil on Nectar Inhabiting Microbe (NIM) communities between Aquilegia sp.
5:50-5:55 PM  Jennifer Serrano Identification of Genes Involved in the Formation of Genomic Amplification Mutations in the soil bacterium Acinetobacter baylyi
5:55-6:00 PM  5 Minute Break

Biology - 10/16/2020 - Session A - Group 4

Time Name Topic
6:00-6:05 PM Nimmy Thomas Do ankle extensor muscles match locomotor behavior in rodents?
6:05-6:10 PM Angelina Tupikova Determining How Bisphenol-A Affects Nonassociative Learning and Memory Recall in the Fragile X Syndrome Model of Drosophila. 
6:10-6:15 PM Nguyen Vo The Gift of Soil - Isolation and Characterization of Antimicrobial-Producing Soil Bacteria from Sacramento State University
6:15-6:20 PM Nguyen Vo Investigating the Effect of the Autism-Associated CHD8/kismet gene on the Gastrointestinal Microbiome Composition in Drosophila melanogaster
6:20-6:25 PM Alexandra (Sasha) Watkins Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of the Central American Cichlid Fish, Amatitlania septemfasciata
6:25-6:30 PM 5 Minute Break
6:30-6:35 PM Kevin Cote Egg Size Determines Fry Size in Substrate Spawning Cichlid Fishes
6:35-6:40 PM  Chloe Welch Developmental Exposure to the Environmental Neurotoxicant Polychlorinated Biphenyl-95 Phenocopies a Common Autism Risk Gene in Drosophila melanogaster
6:40-6:45 PM Ramon Zacarias  Chemical Extraction of Secondary Metabolites from Bacteria

Physics and Astronomy - 10/16/2020 - Session B

Time Name Topic
3:00-3:05 PM Opening remarks from Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs Steve Perez and Interim Dean Dr. Lisa Hammersley
3:05-3:10 PM Kelia Carbin Parameterizing the gamma-ray emission of off-axis short GRB jets
3:10-3:15 PM Herminio Carrillo Numerically Calculating the Afterglow of an Off-Axis Short Gamma-Ray Burst
3:15-3:20 PM Jack Paulson  Exploring an Afterglow Flux Code to Model Jets from Binary Neutron Star Mergers
3:20-3:25 PM Nicholas Sanders Short Gamma Ray Bursts And The Intrinsic Nature Of Their Luminosity
3:25-3:30 PM Alejandro Reyes Borunda Measurement of Low Temperature Thermal Conductivity of 3D Printed Materials
3:30-3:35 PM Chris Carnahan  Analyzing structures in artificial biological cells
3:35-3:40 PM Jeffery Cavanaugh LabVIEW Programming for Micro-Tensile Testing Instrumentation 
3:40-3:45 PM Ryann Hee Nanoscale Finite Electrostatic Element Simulations
3:45-3:50 PM Kathleen Alyssa Scanlon Star formation rates in the galaxy cluster merger Abell 3365
3:50-3:55 PM Nathaniel Shepard Investigation of shock-induced star formation in merging cluster ZwCl 0008.8+5215
3:55-4:00 PM 5 Minute Break

Physics and Astronomy and Chemistry - 10/16/2020 - Session B

Time Name Topic
4:00-4:05 PM Jared Sutton Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of the SO(N) Singlet Projector Model on the Pyrochlore Lattice (Physics)
4:05-4:10 PM David Chapin Synthesis of a Hexavalent Dendrimer Core for Glycopolymer Synthesis
4:10-4:15 PM Nathalia Hernandez Vilchis Changes in Housing Density Affect Cuticular Hydrocarbons in the Fuit Fly Drosophila melanogaster
4:15-4:20 PM David Lee The effects of different housing density on fecundity and social interactions/behavior in Drosophila.
4:20-4:25 PM Wisam Morrar Total synthesis of Lorneic acid J
4:25-4:30 PM 5 Minute Break
4:30-4:35 PM Monica Nasseri Re-imagining oligosaccharide structures for anti-viral applications
4:35-4:40 PM Brandon Sarrels Total synthesis of Lorneic acid A
4:40-4:45 PM Moua Michelle Examining Photochemical Reactivity of Electron Rich Enediynes
4:45-4:50 PM Nazareth Talamantes Identifying the role of proteolytic cleavage in apolipoprotein A-I amyloidosis
4:50-5:00 PM 10 Minute Break

Geography & Geology & Mathematics - 10/16/2020 - Session B

Time Name Topic
5:00-5:05 PM Katherine Earwicker Relative Abundance of Honeybees in Yolo County, California (Geography)
5:05-5:10 PM Christine Herrera Accuracy Analysis of Weather Forecasting (Geography)
5:10-5:15 PM Rebecca Vail Charcoal Indicators of Fire in the Sierra Nevada Forest, Markwood Meadow (Geography)
5:15-5:20 PM Amanda Howery Temperature evolution in a shallow aquifer above a steamed heavy-oil reservoir in the San Ardo Oil Field, Monterey County, California (Geology)
5:20-5:25 PM Rachel Oakden  Using Paleoenvironmental Indicators of Conodont Occurrence to Reconstruct Carboniferous Conodont Habitat (Geology)
5:25-5:30 PM 5 Minute Break
5:30-5:35 PM Sierra Rack  High-pressure, high- temperature magic amphibolite of the central belt of the sierra nevada mountains near colfax California (Geology)
5:35-5:40 PM Elaina Torres Construction and Testing of Extraction Line for Analyzing Water Isotope Content in Vegetation Samples (Geology)
5:40-5:45 PM David de Guzman Spatial and temporal relationship between InSAR-derived subsidence, fluid balance, and formation pressures in the Kern Front and Kern River Oil Fields (Geology)
5:45-5:50 PM Lance Johnson & Lily Schieberl Topological visualization of COVID-19 spread in California, Florida, and New York (Mathematics)
5:50-5:55 PM Olena Pschichenko Metacognition and Learning Mathematics: The Antithesis to Imposter Syndrome (Mathematics)