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California State University, Sacramento

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College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

California State University, Sacramento

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College News

  • Congratulations to Herminio Carrillo, Nicholas Sanders, and Ryann Hee in the Physics Department for being accepted by the Cohort 6 of Cal-Bridge program.  This is the first year that Sacramento State students are accepted by this program.  The mission of the Cal-Bridge program is to increase the number of California State University (CSU) students completing their bachelor's degree and successfully entering a PhD program to study physics, astronomy, or a closely related field.  Students accepted into the program receive full scholarship support for their last two years at CSU and are eligible for one year of support for graduate school if accepted into a participating UC campus.
  • Congratulations for the following NSM faculty who have received 2019-20 Pedagogy Enhancement Awards: Josh Wiscons (Mathematics and Statistics), Corey Shanbrom (Mathematics and Statistics), Vincent Pigno (Mathematics and Statistics), Matt Krauel (Mathematics and Statistics),  Cyndi Kellen-Yuen (Chemistry), Sayonita Ghosh Hajra (Mathematics and Statistics),, Mikkel Jensen (Physics), and Eliza Morris (Physics).  Great news for College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics!!!
  • Congratulations to Professor Rodolfo Barniol Duran and Tom Scarry for your successful Observing the Sun astronomy event in Colonial Heights Library on July 24th, 2019!