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Online Seminars

For at least the rest of this year, Renaissance seminars won't be quite the same as before, thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Online Seminars

The fascinating, informative, funny, entertaining seminars that have always been the heart and soul of Renaissance will return in the Fall Semester—just differently.

In the meantime, there are online presentations this Summer, on Fridays (open to the public) and Mondays (members only). Get the details and sign up here.

Since Sac State will be doing almost all its fall classes online, so will we. COVID-19 has changed the world but we will prevail. We are lucky to be in a technology-strong era and we will be using that technology to deliver our seminars to our members in the safety and comfort of their homes. The Forum will also be back with riveting speakers such as regional and scientific leaders, also online.

We will be using Zoom, a platform that has become extremely popular in the era of stay-at-home. Everyone from businesses to family to schools to programs like ours is using it to connect with each other. Some of you are probably already utilizing it to socialize with friends and family.

It is not difficult to use as a participant. You will get directions and instructions from your seminar leaders. There is training information on this website. We will be offering training opportunities over the summer. You can download the program now for free onto your computer, tablet or smartphone and practice yourself. Note: You do need to have a decent wifi connection.

Seminar leaders have been recruited and they will be getting training over the summer so they can present their seminars online as smoothly as possible.

The descriptions of those seminars will be available in a new and exciting catalog in early August. It will be emailed to members through Constant Contact and be accessible on this website. It will be user-friendly and dazzling to look at and use. A limited number of paper copies will be available. You will then be able to sign up for the seminars in early August through our regular online registration system.

What about the spring semester? No one knows what the world will be like by then, but we are planning for options. We don’t know whether it will be safe to return to the Sac State campus next spring. Therefore, we are actively pursuing a dual-track approach, which will provide members with the option to attend classes either on-campus, online, or both.

Track one assumes that our great live programs can resume at the university and other public venues as well (libraries, community centers, etc.). Track two is identifying teachers and subjects that lend themselves particularly well to online learning. In the best of all worlds, we will be able to offer our programs both live and online, giving members the ability to pick and choose the format that best suits their needs.

Previous Seminars

Curious about seminars offered in previous years? This is a list of those that were offered by the Renaissance Society on campus on Fridays and Saturdays beginning in 2010, and for off-campus beginning for the Spring semester of 2015.

Also, beginning in the Fall semester of 2015, seminars that were drop-in were added in addition to those that required a member to register. In the Fall semester of 2018, Short Seminars were added (seminars lasting less than the full semester).

This is informational for anyone interested in leading or co-leading a seminar. A brief description of each seminar is in the activity catalog for that semester; those past catalogs are available at the Renaissance office.

If you have questions about any seminar, you can contact the listed leader(s) or the Seminar Committee. Contact information is available through the Renaissance Office (916) 758-5133.

You can find the previous seminars here.