Faculty & Staff Listing

Use the following list to help you find an advisor to plan your goals. You can get a list of faculty academic advising areas from the Communication Studies Department office, 5th floor Mendocino Hall. Where possible we have provided individual faculty email addresses. If no email address exists, please call to make an advising appointment.


Faculty Office Phone # Email Address
Bonilla, Diego MND-5011 278-3868 diego@csus.edu
Buss, Steve MND-5041 278-6555 buss@csus.edu
Clementson, David MND-5024 278-7896 clementson@csus.edu
Dugan, Molly MND-5023 278-7865 mdugan@csus.edu
Foss-Snowden, Michele MND-5015 278-6134 msf43@csus.edu
Gale, Elaine MND-5002 278-7833 egale@csus.edu
Howard, Tim MND-5039 278-6854 howardt@saclink.csus.edu
Humphrey, Robert MND-5013 278-7895 humphreyre@csus.edu
Irwin, Jacqueline MND-5030 278-6638 irwin@csus.edu
Janos, Dan MND-5027 278-6415 janos@csus.edu
LeFebvre, Edith MND-5037 278-7836 eetl@csus.edu
Ludwig, Mark MND-5035 278-5841 mdludwig@csus.edu
Malvini Redden, Shawna MND-5034 278-6668 malviniredden@csus.edu
Miller, Chris MND-5032 278-7918 cmiller@csus.edu
Omori, Kikuko MND-5018 278-6782 omori@csus.edu
Reese, Phillip MND-5009 278-5420 phillip.reese@csus.edu
Smith, Gerri (Chair) MND-5004 278-5319 smithg@saclink.csus.edu
Smith, Val MND-5021 278-5340 valsmith@csus.edu
Stark, Jenny MND-5012 278-6285 jenstark@csus.edu
Stitt, Carmen MND-5020 278-5318 stitt@csus.edu
Stoner, Andrew MND-5036 278-3646 andrew.stoner@csus.edu
Tudor, Kristen MND-5026 278-5489 khamilton@csus.edu
VanAirsdale, Stu -State Hornet Advisor MND-5022 278-6065 stvcsus@gmail.com
Williams, John MND-5043 278-5314 lauder@saclink.csus.edu
Williams, Mark MND-5006 Email Only mwilliams@csus.edu
Zuckerman, David MND-5019 278-6541 sdzuck@csus.edu
Staff Office Phone # Email Address
Katrina Roose MND 5014 278-6688 roose@csus.edu
Danielle Carmassi MND 5014 278-6688 drc95@csus.edu
Vicenza Moscariello MND 5014 278-6688 moscariello@csus.edu
Taryn McDonough MND 2000 278-6328 taryn.mcdonough@csus.edu