Q: I am really concerned. I need an internship to graduate and do not know what to do.

A: None of our programs require an internship to graduate. You can take an elective course in your program sequence if you need three additional units for your major.

Q: I am not a Communication Studies major. Can I do an internship in your Department?

A: No

Q: I am confused. Where do I start to get an internship?

A: Read the information on this website. First you need to fill out the application, then you'll want to read about the internships that are available. All of our internships are posted online under "Internship Opportunities." At that point you can see one of the internship coordinators or the Internship Assistant who will take you through the rest of the process.

Q: I had an internship last semester and completed all the requirements, but I received an Incomplete grade. Why did this happen?

A: Each case is different, but sometimes the supervisor's evaluation of the intern is not submitted. In addition, in order to get credit, you need to be enrolled in either COMS 195 or Journalism 195 and have completed an internship application. In terms of actual work you must have completed the required number of hours at your internship, have submitted two 6-8 page reports and have completed an internship evaluation. Your supervisor also has to complete an evaluation of you and submit it to the Internship Coordinator or Assistant. See "Requirements" for more details.

Q: My Mom has a Pet Grooming business in Folsom. Can I get internship credit if I help her in her business?

A: Two problems here. First we do not allow interns to be supervised by their relatives. Secondly, you need to do Communications related work to get credit for an internship.

Q: I have a part time job at a radio station, Can I get internship units for this work?

A: No. If you have a job, we cannot give you units for this work.

Q: I do not understand why I can't get units for my job at the radio station. I know other students who have paid internships!

A: Some internships are paid. These are approved and reviewed by our office. The nature of an internship is that it provides you with supervised work in a professional area of Communication or Journalism for a specified period of time. This is not the same as a part time job that may require you to do many non-professional tasks that are not related to your academic program.

Q: How can I possibly write a 6-8 page paper? My internship is not that complex.

A: We request that you keep a daily log of what internship tasks you completed, observations about how your internship organization works and your responses to challenges that you may find in the internship as well as those items that you especially liked about the internship. If you keep this log even for a few weeks, you will have all you need to respond to the report prompts ( see requirements page for more information).