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COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ

More information for Sacramento State students about COVID-19 vaccinations and testing is available on the Student Affairs coronavirus information web page.

Updated 4:22 p.m. Feb. 18

Is Sacramento State a COVID-19 vaccination site?

The University has established a COVID-19 vaccination site in the University Union, delivering the vaccine to individual members of groups determined by the state of California and Sacramento County Public Health using established guidelines and protocols.

Sacramento State Health Center medical staff and trained Nursing students are administering the vaccine produced by Pfizer.

The number of doses the University administers each week is determined in part by the amount of vaccine provided by the county.

Information about other vaccination opportunities can be found on Sacramento County’s COVID-19 Information website.

Who is eligible for vaccinations at the Sac State site?

Sac State is providing COVID-19 vaccinations following state of California and Sacramento County Public Health guidelines. Vaccinations are being administered to members of the University community based on priorities determined by established protocols. Individuals are being notified of their eligibility by an email invitation from the University to schedule an appointment.

The University is providing vaccinations to its health care workers (Health Center staff) and Nursing students, first responders, and other groups as defined by Sacramento County, such as individual members of the Sac State community 65 and older.

Based on a determination by the county, Sac State also has expanded vaccination delivery to include educators (University faculty and staff). Priorities set by the University determine the order in which individuals in the educators group are being invited to schedule their appointments.

Only individuals who have received email invitations from the University may schedule appointments to receive vaccinations at the Sac State site. These invitations are not to be shared with others, and people who have scheduled appointments using a borrowed invitation will not be allowed to receive the shot. A Sac State OneCard is required for proof of identity.

In general, students are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. However, students who are employed by the University and approved to work on campus are being considered to receive vaccinations.

Members of the community at large who are 65 and older may make appointments through the county scheduling system to receive vaccinations at the Sac State site, based upon limited availability.

More information about the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination sites and availability can be found on the Sacramento County COVID-19 Information website.

How is vaccine availability and second dose scheduling being communicate

The University’s Office of Student Affairs is sending email invitations to individuals eligible to schedule an appointment to receive a vaccination. These invitations are not transferrable.

People who schedule appointments using an invitation shared with them by another individual will not be allowed to receive the shot. A Sac State OneCard is required for proof of identity.

Individuals who received their first dose of the vaccine at Sacramento State will receive an invitation for their second dose. Distribution of those invitations will begin soon, and will go out about a week before an individual’s second dose date.

When and where are vaccinations being provided?

Vaccinations are being given by appointment only, at the vaccination site in the University Union.

What does it cost to be vaccinated?

COVID-19 vaccinations are being provided free of charge.