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Dr. William Michael Kallfelz specializes in research in the foundations of physics, philosophy of science, and mathematical physics, with additional areas of competence in process philosophy, ethics, and the philosophy of language . He holds Master of Science degrees in physics and in applied mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia.) as well a Master of Theological Studies from Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia.) He has worked as a Ph.D. student in physics under David Finkelstein, presenting results of his research in Finkelstein’s Quantum Structures group in the 1999 Centennial Meeting of the American Physical Society, as well as co-authored “Organism and Physics” with David Finkelstein, appearing in Process Studies (vol. 27, no. 3).

William earned a Ph.D. in the Committee for Philosophy and the Sciences (CPaS) program in the Department of Philosopy, at the University of Maryland, working under Jeffrey Bub, in May, 2008. His dissertation Clifford Algebra: A Case for Geometric and Ontological Unification published in book form (2009) investigates the characterization of certain classes of physical theories using Clifford Algebra, and the broader implications for inter-theoretic reduction and theories of scientific explanation. Recent publications and talks include “Physical Emergence and Process Ontology,” in World Futures Journal (vol. 65, n.1 Spring, 2009) , “A Response to G.B. Bagci's 'Ghirardi-Rimini-Collapse Theory and Whiteheadean Process Philosophy',” in Process Studies Journal (vol. 38, n.2, 2009). He has also presented at the University of Pittsburgh’s History and Philosophy of Science Center’s conference on Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation (Oct., 2010), his paper published in vol. 705, available on-line, and has also recently presented “Whitehead’s Natural Philosophy: A Meta-Physical Framework for Productive Physics” at the Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association (Dec., 2011), Session GIII-8.

William is a Research Fellow at the Center for Philosophy and the Natural Sciences, and was a consultant for its project, “Logical Causality in Quantum Mechanics” funded by Fetzer-Franklin, and was also part of the same group which recently received a Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series Planning Grant, from the John Templeton Foundation. In addition to his research, William is an active educator in the fields of physics, mathematics, and philosophy. While serving as an Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Physics at Piedmont College, (Demorest, Ga.) he co-taught and co-designed an interdisciplinary course in Science and Religion, which received a Templeton Grant, in the Spring of 2002. William is currently a Lecturer of Philosophy and Mathematics at the Department of Philosophy and Religion & the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, at Mississippi State University. For more information, please visit: http://sites.google.com/site/williamkallfelz/


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Modal Rationalism and Constructive Realism: Models and Their Modality

Embedding Fundamental Aspects of the Relational Blockworld Interpretation in Geometric (or Clifford) Algebra

Methodological Fundamentalism: Or Why Batterman's Different Notions of 'Fundamentalism' May Not Make A Difference
Getting Something Out of Nothing: Implications for a Future Information Theory Based on Vacuum Microtopology
Organism and Physics
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Clifford Algebra: A Case for Geometric and Ontological Unification. VDM Verlag, 2009




“Physical Emergence and Process Ontology,” World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution, E. Laszlo, ed (in press)


“Relational Realism: Quantum Praxiology and Whitehead's Philosophy of Organism” in World Futures Journal, E. Laszlo, ed (in press).


"Contracting Batterman's Asymptotic No-Man's Land: Reduction Rejoins Explanation" Philosophy of Science Archives (on-line), University of Pittsburg, August 15, 2005

“Some Correspondence Principles between Clifford Quantization and Spacetime Topology.” 1999 Centennial Meeting of the American Physical Society, March 20-26, 1999, Atlanta, GA.


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