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The Reality of Quantum Potential States
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Science News editor Tom Siegfried recently reviewed a paper by CPNS Senior Fellows Stuart Kauffman, Michael Epperson, and Ruth Kastner--"Taking Heisenberg's Potentia Seriously" International Journal of Quantum Foundations, 4:2 (2018): 158-172. The central thesis of this paper is that quantum theory exemplifies an ontological dualism of real actual states (res extensa) and real potential states (res potentia). Each of the authors has developed this thesis individually in their own publications, including proposals that are fully formalized physically and mathematically. These are referenced at the bottom of this page, as well as the CPNS Research Page.

Foundations of Relational Realism:
A Topological Approach to Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Nature

Michael Epperson & Elias Zafiris

2013, Rowman & Littlefield
For more information on the research supporting this book, including the authors' related journal publications, see the CPNS research page.

Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead

Michael Epperson

2004, Fordham University Press

The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: The Reality of Possibility

Ruth Kastner

2017, Cambridge University Press

Humanity in a Creative Universe

Stuart Kauffman

2016, Oxford University Press


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