Campus Ethics Events

The following is a list of events on campus, either presented by us or by other organizations, which have ethics as a topic or which are of interest to those whose work or research is in ethics. This list is regularly updated and contains links which will take you either to the calendar for the event or to the sponsoring organization's website for more information. Please follow these links for more information.

Academic Year 2012-13

When/Where? What? Description
10:00-noon and 1:30-3:30pm
Tuesday and Wednesday,
16 & 17 April
Location TBA

Nammour Symposium

Love is the Question

Thursday, 14 MAr
Orchard Suite, Union

Dr. Ruth Tallman, Barry University

It's Complicated: A Multi-factored, Two-Tiered Account of moral Judgements

Wednesday, 13 Mar
Orchard Suite I & II, Union

Dr. Brian Robinson, Grand Valley State University

Creating Heros and Villains: Attributing Character Traits with Little Evidence

Tuesday, 12 Mar
Orchard Suite I & II, Union

Dr. Kyle Swan, National University of Signapore

Legal Punishment of Immorality: Once More into the Breach

Thursday, 7 Mar
Orchard Suite, Union

Miscarriages of Justice and the Paradox of Innocence:

An Experimental Philosophy Approach to the Death Penalty

As long as we have a death penalty we will inevitably execute innocent people. It has been argued by many, from Voltaire to Bedau, that such miscarriages of justice mean we should abolish the death penalty. I argue that, paradoxically, if we abolish the death penalty more innocent people will be punished for crimes they did not commit.
Miscarriages of justice will increase because the ‘surplus oversight’

(extra appeals, more lawyer hours, etc.) that attend capital cases will disappear. I constructed and implemented an experiment to test this hypothesis and the results support my conclusion: if we abolish the death penalty we will pay less attention to wrongful convictions and hence inadvertently more people will spend the rest of their lives in prison for crimes they did not commit. Ironically, if we want to avoid miscarriages of justice, we have a reason to keep the death penalty.

Tusday, 26 Feb
Mendocino Hall 3009

Dr. Joshua Glasgow, Sonoma State

Moral Responsibility and Alienation

Thursday, 15 Nov
Brighton Hall 204

Dr. Christopher Nelson, South Texas College

A History of Logic from Aristotle to Godel

This talk will discuss the history of logic beginning with Aristotle and touching on the contributions of such major figures as Leibniz, Russell, Wittgenstein, and Lukasiewicz. The talk will conclude with a brief discussion of artificial intelligence in the twentieth century.

This event is a presentation of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


Thursday, 8 Nov
Hinde Auditorium, University Union

Second Annual CBA Student Film Festival: Exploring Leadership Emotion in Motion Film

For more information please link  HERE.

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Monday, 29 Oct
Redwood Room, University Union
Seventh Annual Fall Ethics Symposium

This year's topic is Ethics in Biology and Medicine. Link here to the program.



Thursday, 27 Sept
Redwood Room, University Union

Does God Exist? A Debate

Dr. Matt McCormick
Dr. Russell DiSilvestro

The question of whether God exists is one of the most profound matters facing humans. Philosophers offer structured arguments for thinking God is real (theism) or not (atheism) that draw upon anthropology, biology, cosmology, morality, physics, and theology. Come see Dr. Russell DiSilvestro and Dr. Matt McCormick debate the question of whether God is real. They will give us some sense of the progress we have made toward an answer. Don’t miss it!
This event is free and open to the public.