CPPE  Future Philosophers Program

Through this program, interested high school teachers can arrange for college professors to visit their classrooms for the purpose of introducing the subject of philosophy to their students and for providing lectures and presentations that demonstrate the relevance of philosophy to a particular high school course. We currently have an on-going relationship with the Civitas Program at Rio Americano High School.

While the primary mission of the Center for Practical and Professional Ethics is to promote ethics in public and professional discourse, it also has a broader commitment to promoting public awareness of the discipline of philosophy and the value of philosophical inquiry.

Because philosophy courses are rarely taught in high schools, the majority of students matriculating to a college or university have no prior acquaintance with the subject.  Moreover, while Sacramento State offers a large number of philosophy courses within the General Education curriculum, it is possible for a student to graduate with a baccalaureate degree never having taken a single course in philosophy. 

Most students are also under the misconception that philosophy has little practical value.  They are unaware that philosophy majors tend to be among the highest performers on standardized tests, are among the most successful people in the work force, and that the philosophy major is one of the best choices available for those who are interested in attending law or medical school. 

Our faculty is competent in a wide array of philosophical disciplines.  Whereas teachers of high school government, politics and social science courses may be best served by our ethics faculty, teachers of physics, mathematics, biology and psychology may be better served by our specialists in logic, philosophy of mind and philosophy of science.  For teachers of history and English we also have faculty who can provide lectures on the history of philosophical thought as well as the influence of philosophy on authors and literary traditions.

Although campus visits by FP faculty are limited to the greater Sacramento area, FP is available to assist any California high school teachers with incorporating appropriate philosophical content into their courses, as well as to provide similar assistance to students and teachers interested in forming philosophy clubs. 

Future Philosophers is a free community service.  Future Philosopher activities are currently coordinated by Dr. Chong Choe-Smith.  Please contact her at choe-smith@csus.edu for more information about this program, or to make arrangements for a classroom visit.

For a complete listing of classroom visits, participants and topics, please link here.