After Proposition 8

Oct 26, 2009

9:00-9:30am           Welcome and Openning Remarks   
 Jeffrey Mason, Dean, College of Arts and Letters 
9:30-10:00am           How to Love Your Neighbors and Enemies While Speaking Out Against Them in Public
Russell DiSilvestro, Philosophy 
video icon Click to view. 44 min

10:00-11:20 am          Panel 1: Morality and Marriage
video icon Click to view. 1 hour 23 min

Marriage and Moral Realism
Thomas Pyne, Philosophy

Historical, Political, and Cultural Arguments for Marriage Equality
Brian DiSarro, Government

A Reply to Pyne and DiSarro
Jeremy Garrett, Philosophy

11:30 am-1:00pm             Panel 2: Proposition and the Media
video icon Click to view. 1 hour 05 min

News Media Depictions of the Campaign for Proposition 8 and Its Aftermath
Mark D. Ludwig and Molly A. Dugan, Communication Studies

Proposition 8 and the Tube: Information, Misinformation, and Substance on Local TV News
Kim Nalder, Government

Dividing California: Campaign Disclosure and Political Geography
Wesley Hussey, Government

2:00-3:30 pm                       Panel 3: Marriage and Politics 
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Nice Liberal Society You Got Here.  Too Bad If Something Should Happen To It
Thomas Pyne, Philosophy

Boycott and Politics in American History
Chloe Burke, History

Free Speech and Democratic Politics  
Mark B. Brown, Government