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CSU-LSAMP recognizes the need to ensure graduate program matriculation of a larger number of its own LSAMP graduates and to work collaboratively with the national LSAMP community to ensure graduate program matriculation of a larger number of the 25,000+ baccalaureate degree recipients produced by LSAMP institutions. To address this need, CSU-LSAMP was provided  NSF support for thirteen “Bridge to the Doctorate” activities with the most recent funding (HRD-1602210) cycle which began in Fall 2016 at Cal State LA.

San Francisco State University (SFSU) served as the site for two of the BD activities (BD-1 and BD-4) and California State University, Los Angeles served as the site for six of the BD activities (BD-2-3, BD-5-6, BD-8, and BD-10-13) and is the proposed host to BD-14 beginning in Fall 2017. California State University, Northridge (CSUN) served as the graduate institutional site for BD-7 and BD-9.


BD Program Elements

Typically, CSU-LSAMP BD projects provide financial, academic and personal support for a cohort of 12 LSAMP BD Fellows admitted to Masters level degree programs in STEM at the designated graduate institutional site.

Specifically, the projects provide each student a substantial stipend (currently $32,000/year) for up to two years and provide an institutional allowance of $12,000/student/year for up to two years for educational costs.

In addition, the projects provide a focused program of educational and personal support, including:

  • orientation to and advising in the Masters program;
  • intensive mentoring of research at the Masters level;
  • a workshop series and writing support;
  • teaching internship experiences;
  • support of conference participation;
  • community activities; and
  • facilitating linkages to Ph.D. Programs and their NSF programs (e.g. AGEP and GRFP) which can provide support during the third year and beyond.


*Bridge to the Doctorate Activities are contingent upon annual funding from the National Science Foundation.