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CSU-LSAMP’s overall goal for the project is to contribute to the development of a STEM workforce, which is broadly inclusive, globally competitive, and prepared to participate at the frontiers of science. Specifically, CSU-LSAMP aims to:

(1) enhance the academic and professional preparation of CSU-LSAMP participants, most of whom are students from underrepresented minorities (URM), for careers in STEM;

(2) further improve persistence and graduation rates for CSU-LSAMP participants;

(3) increase aggregate production of STEM degrees awarded by the CSU to URM students;

(4) increase the number of CSU-LSAMP students who advance to STEM graduate study; and

(5) document, disseminate, and replicate undergraduate intervention models that increase access to, and success in STEM baccalaureate degree programs and facilitate admissions to STEM graduate programs.