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As a Senior-level LSAMP, CSU-LSAMP's specific objectives for 2013-2018 include the following:

  • Objective 1: Academic Support - CSU-LSAMP proposes to use funding from this grant to support 250 students per year in summer bridge programs and 500 students per year in textbook loan or reimbursement programs.  CSU-LSAMP also expects to serve 800 students per year in Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW’s).  Due to CSU-LSAMP’s success in institutionalizing AEW’s, it does not expect to use grant funding for AEW’s.  
  • Objective 2: First-Year or Transition Programs - CSU-LSAMP expects to serve at least 300 participants per year in campus-based activities such as orientation programs, freshman first-year programs, and community college transfer student first-year programs that support students as they transition into STEM disciplines.
  • Objective 3: Research and International Activities - CSU-LSAMP expects to serve at least 600 participants per year in research activities and international experiences. At least 500 students per year will participate in research activities: 200 will be directly supported by funding from this grant, the rest will be assisted in applying for other research programs (e.g., REU’s).  At least 40 students will participate in international science experiences: 15 directly supported with funding from this grant and  25 supported by assistance in applying to other programs.
  • Objective 4: Professional Development - CSU-LSAMP expects to serve at least 500 students annually in professional development activities such as the presentation and publication of research, preparation for graduate school, assistance with graduate school applications, and employment opportunities as workshop facilitators, mentors, and trainers.
  • Common Objective: On-going support/exposure to career and research opportunities - CSU-LSAMP expects to serve 2,300 LSAMP participants per year in activities such as advising, communications, and attendance at conferences. We expect to use funding from this grant to directly support travel to conferences for 100 students per year. An additional 400 students per year will be supported in travel to conferences by providing assistance in obtaining travel grants such as those available for the Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference.