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Alliance Activities: Undergraduate Program

The types of activities that offered to support each objective have consistently been shown to faciliate retention and progression of URM students in STEM, and represent a set of well-established "best practices." Notably, the project continues to include the top five LSAMP hallmark activities, which were identified inthe Urban Institute's national staudy of LSAMP (i.e. research experiences, mentoring, internships, scholarships/stipends and academic support/tutoring). In addition, in light of the Urban Institute's finding that LSAMP participated who participated in research were more likely to pursue and complete graduate degrees, this project also includes a variety of activities designed to provide opportunies to enhance student qualifications for graduate programs (e.g. GRE preparation, teaching experiences, research presentations and internships), and collaborates with other student support programs on participating campuses (e.g. McNair and NIH-NIGMS Bridges to the Future programs) and with programs at Ph.D. granting institutions (e.g. AGEP) that share the goal of broadening participation in STEM.