The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to provide activities and services that help individuals, departments, and programs to identify and achieve their desired level of teaching excellence. The Center seeks to achieve this mission through one-on-one consultation with faculty members, presenting workshops for both departments and the campus community on a variety of college teaching issues, referral to and about partnering with other support offices for assistance outside the Center's area of service, and publications about university teaching. The Center director also consults with departmental chairs and committees and college and campus administrators on faculty development issues.

More than simply assisting instructors to solve current problems, it is the goal of the CTL to assist them to choose the issues on which some effort will achieve the greatest results, to help them to expand their repertoire of teaching approaches and practices, and to aid them in reaching a higher level of teaching competence. This includes addressing issues of student cultural and linguistic background, as well as diversity of prior preparation and differing learning styles. Another CTL goal is to promote a climate of collegiality which inspires, nurtures, and rewards self-directed faculty efforts toward professional development and which supports an expansion of the level, frequency, and available venues for campus conversation about teaching.

As amended by Faculty Senate, November 19, 1998.

Our Staff

Dr. Lynn Tashiro


Center for Teaching and Learning Director

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Contact Info: tashirol@csus.edu / 8-5945


Laura Romo


Administrative Analyst/Specialist

Contact Info: ctl@csus.edu / 8-5945

Marco Martinez, M.A.


IT Consultant & Tech Services Coordinator

Contact Info: marco@csus.edu / 8-5945

Som Sayasone


Administrative Support Coordinator II

Contact Info: ctl@csus.edu / 8-5945

Michael Barone


ITC 12

Contact Info: mbarone@csus.edu / 8-5945

Kyle Cage, M.Ed.


Instructional Designer

Contact Info: cage@csus.edu / 8-7994

April Qian, M.S.


Instructional Designer

Contact Info: qian@csus.edu / 8-3370