CourseMatch is the CSU Chancellor's office initiative to provide CSU students greater access to the fully online courses offered throughout the CSU system. Priority approval will be given to fully online, highly successful courses, which fulfill general education requirements or lower division major preparation requirements in areas of greatest demand. High-success courses typically have comparable student performance in online and face-to-face classes and grade distributions with 15 percent or fewer D, W or F grades awarded. Courses must be delivered through fully online mode of instruction and will be made available for CSU students to concurrently enroll in a particular semester. Professional Development funds of up to $3000 are available for approved each Course Match approved course.

Deadline to apply for the Fall semester CourseMatch is mid-to-late spring. Deadline to apply for the Spring semester CourseMatch is mid-to-late fall. To apply, faculty need to determine comparison data from previous course offering to justify high-success high-demand course designation, and to clarify what is done to increase accessibility and to preserve academic integrity (reduce cheating). One way to access this data is to follow this two-step process.
First login to the Chancellor's office portal: Select Sacramento Campus, then login with your Saclink account.

Once you are logged in, click on the following link: To access DWF data, under the left-hand menu "Historical trends", select "Department & Major Analyses", then click on "In which courses they struggle".

The exact process submission and selection of courses for Course Match is announced by the Chancellor's office every semester, but it typically consists of the following steps: