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Why should faculty consider using open educational resources?

Because of the high cost of traditional instructional materials such as textbooks, it is estimated that 30% of students never purchase the instructional materials, from any source, even if they are “required.”

For many students the cost of instructional materials is a serious barrier to access, learning, and success.

The CSU system has implemented and piloted digital rental, e-book, custom publishing, self-publishing, and Open Educational Resource (OER) options to lower the cost of instructional materials and bring access and equity to student success.

How can faculty reduce the cost of instructional materials without compromising the quality of instruction and learning?

The CSU Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) Initiative provides high quality, affordable, and accessible options for instructional materials for a variety of disciplines. Faculty can access AL$ resources to create and adopt low or no cost instructional materials at:

A 2015 California State Assembly Bill (AB798) supports the acceleration of no cost high quality textbooks by making available a collection of over 150 textbooks that have been peer reviewed by CA Community College, CSU, and UC Professors. Faculty can access these no cost, high quality textbooks and course materials for review and adoption at the CooL4Ed website:

What is the OER Faculty Grant Program?

The OER Faculty Grant Program supports faculty members who are committed joining a community of practice to reduce the cost of instructional materials to students with the goal of improving access, learning, and student success.  Reduction of cost maybe achieved through a variety of options including the adoption of low or no cost open textbooks, streaming videos, and or other tools or materials used to support learning or access knowledge.

The Faculty Grant Program supports two types of projects:

Type A. CSU Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$):

  • Type A projects will pilot one AL$ change in one or more courses that reduces the cost of instructional materials by using bookstore, library, learning management system, and/or other Open Educational Resources. (10 $1000 grants available)

Type B. AB798 Open Educational Resources (OER) Adoption Program:

  • Type B projects will reduce the cost of instructional materials by adoption of open textbooks including but not limited to those identified by the California Open Education Resource Council at which includes peer reviewed Open Textbooks for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Business, Foreign Language, Political Science, and/or other academic disciplines. (10 $1000 grants available)

How will OER Faculty Grant Projects be completed?

Faculty grant recipients will evaluate current instructional materials for their course and examine a variety of new options for creating, sharing, and providing access to instructional materials. Faculty mentors with expertise in technology, accessibility, and open educational resources will provide professional development and consultation to faculty participants as they complete a project that reduces the cost while improving access for students to instructional materials. Each faculty project will become a case study illustrating how traditional instructional materials can be replaced by a diverse collection of affordable options and accessible pathways.

Both types of projects will:

  1. Document changes in cost of instructional materials and impact on student learning
  2. Produce and disseminate an assessment report and poster containing evidence of fiscal impact and changes in student learning

Who is eligible to apply for the OER Faculty Grant Program?

All Full time or Part time Sacramento State faculty who have influence and/or authority to select instructional materials for Fall 2017 and/or Spring 2018 courses. Second time participants are eligible if selecting different courses.

What are the requirements?

  • Attend four (4) 2-hour community of practice meetings. Exact dates and time TBD based on Faculty Grant Program participant availability
  • Implement cost saving instructional materials by Spring 2018
  • Submit pre and post survey of instructional material expenditures, final report, and poster by March 2, 2018 (Note: survey and poster templates are provided)
  • $1000 Stipends awarded per course to faculty upon completion of the above requirements

How do I apply?

Apply online HERE!  (cut and paste URL if you are having trouble:

Faculty can apply as individuals, teams, and/or departments

Application Questions include: 

  • Name and Number of Course to be redesigned for OER (Ex. PHYS100, Introduction to Mechanics)
  • Estimate of current total cost of instructional materials (Ex. Textbook cost = $250)
  • Proposed OER redesign (Ex. Adoption of an OER textbook, creation or compilation of new curricular material, or undecided but willing to consult with an OER mentor to explore possible options)

Applications reviewed upon receipt


Open Educational Resource Options: De-Laine Cyrenne,

Application Process: Center for Teaching and Learning 278-5945 or e-mail