CTL Faculty Associate Program


The CTL Faculty Associate Program supports faculty to manage and lead teaching and learning initiatives and project for the university that are in alignment with the mission of CTL.  Core programs and projects led by faculty associates include the Summer Teaching Institute, New Faculty Orientation, Faculty Mentoring, and Open Educational Resources.  Each faculty associate has budgetary, grant writing, and faculty learning community facilitation responsibilities.  Up to 6 units of release time is awarded pending available grant resources.  All CSU faculty are welcome to apply as opportunities for projects and initiatives are advertised.  Appointments are for one year, but faculty may reapply annually.  An average of three faculty associate positions are awarded per year.

Center for Teaching and Learning is taking applications for an Open Education Resource (OER) faculty associate.

CTLs’ ongoing OER program supports faculty in adopting low cost or open educational resources.  The faculty associate for this program will manage a statewide grant and facilitate a faculty learning community focused on redesigning curriculum to improve student learning.  Up to six units of release time for the academic year are negotiable. 

If you would like to find out more about the program and download the application, click the button below. 

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Current CTL Faculty Associates:

Eun Mi Cho, Professor of Education; Teaching Credentials. Areas of focus include: New Faculty Orientation and Faculty Mentoring Faculty, Co-facilitator of the “STEM Student Success”Faculty Learning Community

Brian Baldus, Professor of Business.  Areas of focus include: Summer Teaching Institute and Technology, Co-facilitator of the “ Technology and Student Success” Faculty Learning Community

Delaine Cyrenne, Professor of Psychology.  Areas of focus include: Open Educational Resources and Equity, Co-facilitator of the “Open Educational Resources” and “Equity and Student Success” Faculty Learning Communities