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Educational Vision Group

The Educational Vision Group, which has been meeting since fall 2014, aims to engage interested faculty, students, staff and administrators across the campus in articulating a unified vision of our common values that can be used to make genuine learning (vs. instructional processes) a reality at Sac State.  This vision is intended to help align the many and diverse efforts at educational innovation already going on, while also filling in significant gaps in a coordinated way.

In crafting this vision, we are guided especially by John Tagg’s seminal book, The Learning Paradigm College, which we spent our first year studying in detail. Tagg’s main thesis is that the atomistic instructional processes ruled by the demands of credit hours, semester schedules, GPAs and transcripts influence much of what we do at institutions of higher learning. Though most faculty are intent on fostering genuine learning, the fact that institutions as a whole prioritize keeping track of credit hours, GPAs, etc. consistently undermines the intent to foster learning. The book synthesizes much of the research on educational reform over the past 40 years, focusing in detail on the issue of alignment between five strategies that prioritize genuine learning; it spotlights real-life examples of over a dozen institutions where such strategies are being successfully implemented.

Thanks to generous support from the Visiting Scholar's fund and Academic Affairs, we are bringing Professor Tagg to campus this fall in mid-October, both to present to the campus as a whole (view flyer for this event) and to consult with the Vision Group on its multi-year plan.  Those interested in joining the Vision Group—whether faculty, staff, students or administrators—may contact Faculty Associate Joël Dubois at 278-5332 or jdubois@csus.edu.

Additional Resources:

—> Educational Vision Group Overview
—> 1st Year Reading Group Flyer

Reading Groups

Join us this spring for four sessions this spring to discuss Noami Baron's Words Onscreen.

Flyer for 2016 Reading Group

Past Reading Groups

  • Hamlet's Blackberry (2013-14)
  • The Shallows (2012-13)
  • What the Best College Teachers Do (2011-12)
  • Teaching with Your Mouth Shut (2010-11)
  • The Missing Professor: an Academic Mystery (2009-10)
  • The Courage to Teach (2008-09)

CTL Teacher Scholar Collaborative (2011-14)

CTL Teacher Scholar Collaborative

The Teacher Scholar Collaborative was created to bring together colleagues who were exploring the nexus of their teaching and research; connecting research projects, ideas and teaching practices individually and collaboratively within and across disciplines.

Visit the Teacher Scholar Collaborative wiki

Teacher Scholar Collaborative Events

Fall 2011

Kelly Davenport from the Department of Design, presented a workshop on adult learning theory and techniques.  We also explored engaging pedagogies that facilitate deep, self-directed learning: Team-based (Joel Dubois) & Problem-based learning (David Mandeville). Scott Farrand also led a discussion on "Re-Teaching:" ever-deepening review of key concepts as a necessary component of teaching.

Spring 2012

The focus for spring 2012 was on collaborative scholarship. Kelly McDonald (Biological Sciences), Todd Migliaccio (Sociology) and Ann Moylan (Family and Consumer Sciences), started us off with a discussion of their collaborative research project on service learning. We then explored other ideas for collaboration.

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

After a one year pause in the group's activity, Joel Dubois led several sessions focused on documenting all the work on Group Learning by faculty across the campus and finding a way for faculty interested in Group Learning to network with each other.  Feedback gathered over several sessions led to the creation of the Group Learning Collaborative, a SacCT site that

  • lists faculty who are teaching Group Learning courses and open to visitors
  • showcases "quick start" group learning activities to try out in the classroom
  • documents larger group projects and also strategies for forming & assessing groups.

To be added to the SacCT site, please email Faculty Associate Joel Dubois, jdubois@csus.edu.