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Faculty Learning Communities

CTL Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are year-long professional development seminars that engage faculty in a variety of teaching, learning, and research topics.  Groups of 10-15 faculty meet ten times over a year to engage in workshops and action research projects focused on improving learning and student success. Year-long FLCs and PLCs will meet 10 times, 2-hours each, over two semesters.

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Teaching Institute

As a faculty you wish to learn new ways of engaging students and collecting evidence of student learning. You want to know what new technologies might improve your teaching and student learning; or you want to analyze how and why learning happens (or why it isn’t happening!). If as a faculty you want to re-design your course to increase student success then the 2017 Summer Teaching Institute might be just for you! 

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CTL Faculty Associate Program

The CTL Faculty Associate Program supports faculty to manage and lead teaching and learning initiatives and project for the university that are in alignment with the mission of CTL.  Core programs and projects led by faculty associates include the Summer Teaching Institute, New Faculty Orientation, Faculty Mentoring, and Open Educational Resources.  Each faculty associate has budgetary, grant writing, and faculty learning community facilitation responsibilities.  Up to 6 units of release time is awarded pending available grant resources.  All CSU faculty are welcome to apply as opportunities for projects and initiatives are advertised.  Appointments are for one year, but faculty may reapply annually.  An average of three faculty associate positions are awarded per year.

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Faculty Interest Groups

The Educational Vision Group, which has been meeting since fall 2014, aims to engage interested faculty, students, staff and administrators across the campus in articulating a unified vision of our common values that can be used to make genuine learning (vs. instructional processes) a reality at Sac State.  This vision is intended to help align the many and diverse efforts at educational innovation already going on, while also filling in significant gaps in a coordinated way.

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Top Hat Student Response System

As a proven student engagement and interactive teaching platform, Top Hat’s software helps university/college professors activate classrooms. Academic studies have reinforced the reality that students better understand the day’s lesson if they’re asked to engage with peers, interact with complex material and participate in class.  By asking students to use their personal device to answer quizzes, reply to polls and tackle difficult simulations, Top Hat easily and effectively transforms the passive lecture hall into an exciting learning environment.  As a strong advocate for traditional, on-campus education, Top Hat not only modernizes established teaching methods, but also facilitates new approaches including the ‘flipped classroom,’ ‘group learning,’ and other creative solutions. Thousands of professors and hundreds of universities/colleges worldwide rely on TopHat to engage their students and improve academic performance.

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Quality Assurance for Online and Hybrid Courses

As part of its mission to support the development of high quality online courses, CTL contributes to and coordinates quality assurance efforts at Sac State, particularly through the Quality Matters (QM) organization and the CSU’s own Quality Online Learning & Teaching (QOLT) initiative.

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