Resources - An Overview


Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty resource page! Please stop by the Center for Teaching and Learning if you need anything to help make your teaching at Sacramento State a success!

Preparing for your class

New Faculty Resources

This page contains all the essential resources for new faculty members. Coming to Sac State to serve our students is a big change for many of you and we hope these links and tools can help make your transition easier.

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Preparing to Teach

Designing an effective course is key for both students and faculty. Careful planning of a course not only makes the teaching experience more structured and more enjoyable, it also engages students' learning. 

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Testing and Grading

Part of designing a sucessful course is the way how faculty tests and grades their students. This page contains resources that help faculty members write relevant and thought provoking exams. 

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Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment is an integral part of Sac State's commitment to student learning and student success. The Office of Academic Program Assessment (OAPA), offer resources to help faculty design annual assessments.

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In the classroom

Teaching With Technology

With major advancements to technology, using technology in the classroom can greatly benefit the learning environment. Learning Management Services like Canvas help class material distribution easier and Clickers by Top Hat stimulates student learning in the classroom. 

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Teaching Strategies

Keeping students engaged in the classroom is vital for a sucessful course. Activities like reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content is a process of active learning, which is one of many ways of a sucessful learning environment.

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Diversity and Inclusion

If there is a chance that controversial topics or ideas will be discussed, plan to establish ground rules for the discussion. In class, an instructor can present ground rules and work with students to accept or modify these guidelines or norms for conduct during the discussion.

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Student Learning

Understanding both students’ learning preferences and one’s own teaching style can greatly enhance any course. This page provides resources that help create effective teaching styles and techniques for the classroom.

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