DEGREES Project Banner

The Dedicated to Educating, Graduating, and Retaining Educational Equity Students ( DEGREES) Project seeks to provide enhanced services to underrepresented students to make timely progress to their degrees and to reduce the achievement gap. The program provides a comprehensive and integrated menu of academic and student support services designed to improve the retention and graduation of underrepresented minority (URM) students. Overall, the DEGREES Project aspires to foster an institutional climate supportive of student success.

The program is anchored by the three primary goals:

  1. To provide four academic and student enrichment tracks to support the success of DEGREES Project scholars. These tracks include: transitional and continuing equity student support, curricular engagement/learning resources, mentorship/ tutorial/peer advising interventions, and global engagement with an emphasis on research and community involvement.
  2. To broaden the reach of services to more educational equity students on campus through enhanced mechanisms of support as delivered by the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP), the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), the Faculty Student Mentor Program (FSMP), the Full Circle Project (FCP), the Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC), and the College Based Educational Equity Programs (CBEEP).
  3. To promote the academic achievements of students in the program as evidenced by improved semester grade outcomes, annual retention and persistence rates, and gradual elevations in the graduation rate of underrepresented students on campus.

Services of the DEGREES Project include the following:

  • Provision of advising to reach students beyond the first year of college with an emphasis on the sophomore through senior years
  • Peer advising offered through the PARC
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Internships and global engagement experiences
  • Faculty and peer mentoring as delivered by FSMP
  • Individual tutoring and supplemental instruction via the PARC
  • Online tutorial services 24 hours a day in distinct subject areas
  • FSMP Writing Center satellites to augment services to underrepresented students
  • Disability testing for a limited number of eligible students
  • First generation and educational opportunity program support
  • Student support from the DEGREES Project Ambassador Team
  • A diverse cadre of interventions for educational equity students through programs in the academic Colleges