To assist you with your coursework 24 hours a day/7 days a week, the University has an academic support resource for you called Smarthinking. Services can be accessed through the Blackboard. Take advantage of free tutoring to get extra help. Tutoring is a great way to help you achieve your goals, secure good grades, prepare for graduation, future employment and graduate school.

Smarthinking 24/7 Online Tutoring Flyer

List of Subjects for Online Tutoring

Writing Logo Writing:
Smarthinking Strengthens writing, from grammar skills to composition.

English for Speakers of Other Languages logo English for Speakers of Other Languages:
Helping students strengthen their English skills is our specialty.

Reading Logo Reading:
Strong reading comprehension skills are essential to a successful academic career.

Spanish Logo Spanish:
With Smarthinking, students can practice and master Spanish.

Mathematics Logo Mathematics:
From developmental math to calculus and beyond, Smarthinking delivers

Nursing and Allied Health Logo Nursing and Allied Health:
Smarthinking helps students strengthen their knowledge and skills.

Science Logo Science:
From general math to calculus and beyond, Smarthinking is ready to help.

Computers and Technology Logo Computers and Technology:
Free Word to Windows, Smarthinking supports student success.

Business Logo Business:
Smarthinking builds business skills, from accounting to finance and more.