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Bias Incident Reporting

Welcome to Sacramento State’s Bias Incident Reporting Website

Sacramento State takes reports of bias, hate, harassment, and discrimination very seriously. The new bias incident response reporting tool is available to all members of the Sacramento State community. It is a complement to existing protocols for addressing discrimination and harassment under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, to our nondiscrimination and harassment policy, and to the student conduct code concerning those forms of harm.

In the event that a hate crime or incident occurs, the Bias Incident Response Team serves as the campus reporting point, and can work with the impacted parties in coordinating a response.

The newly appointed Bias Response Director is Katherine Betts. You can reach Katherine Betts by email at


Sacramento State is strongly committed to creating a productive learning and living environment that promotes the rights, safety, dignity, and value of every individual. It is fundamental to our mission to promote a civil, respectful, and inclusive community and to oppose acts of racism, religious intolerance, sexism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, or other forms of intolerance. Our goal is to ensure that all members of our community can thrive in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and bias.

Every student, faculty, and staff member deserves an environment that is free of bias, one in which individuals can share their perspectives knowing that identity-based attacks are out of bounds and that the University will support those who experience harm and address the incidents. We aspire not only to mitigate bias, but also to create an environment in which people affirm the differences among us so as to give fuller expression to their sense of self, their identities, and their views.

The Reporting Process

Reporting hate crimes and bias incidents is important in order to prevent future incidents and monitor Sacramento State’s campus climate. By reporting detailed information on incidents, you increase our ability to take formal action through CSU Executive Orders and campus policies and help us take action to prevent repeat incidents or more serious occurrences.

If you are a victim of (or witness) a bias incident or hate crime, the Bias Incident Response Team will work with you to identify your options. Reporting a possible hate crime or bias incident does not obligate you to take further action or prevent you from making decisions on your own behalf. Instead, you will have input throughout the process, and the Bias Incident Response Team will assist you identifying your options. You will be treated with respect and sensitivity, and your report will be considered confidential.

While first-person reports are preferred and allow for the broadest range of response options, anonymous reports will be accepted. You may report using the Bias Incident Reporting Form.

If you decide to report, the Bias Incident Response Team will provide information about Sacramento State, local, and statewide resources available to you and affected community members, and will assist you in identifying response options.

How to Report

Online: Bias Incident Reporting Form


Phone: 916-278-5770

In person: We encourage you to schedule an appointment to ensure someone is available to assist you.

Sacramento State
6000 J Street
Del Norte Hall 2005
Sacramento, CA 95819

Other Reporting Options:

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Sexual Misconduct-Dating/Domestic Violence-Stalking

Distressed Student Report

Student Organizational Misconduct

Student Academic Misconduct

Student Non-Academic Misconduct

Residence Hall Misconduct

Residence Hall Fire Safety

Bias Incident FAQs

Clery bias and hate crime definitions

  • The Clery Act defines “bias” as an incident or act performed based on a negative opinion or attitude toward a group of persons based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability.

What constitutes a hate crime?

  • The Clery Act defines a hate crime as a criminal offense that is motivated by the offender’s bias. Not all expressions of hate or group based bias constitutes a hate crime, which requires both bias and a criminal offense. Racial epithets or other forms of derogatory words directed at individuals from a protected class that do not include a threat of harm or criminal offense are considered protected speech and not a hate crime.

What is a bias incident?

  • Something a person does, says, or expresses that is motivated by bias related to one or more identities, such as citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, or more. The incident could promote mental stress, harm, or violence that leave recipient(s) or observer(s) feeling unsafe, unwelcomed, and unincluded in the Sacramento State community.

Why report bias incidents?

  • Reporting bias incidents helps us collect data about experiences that contribute negatively to the Sacramento State campus climate. Reporting bias incidents helps foster a culture of accountability. Reporting bias incidents helps Sacramento State address incidents and provide educational action plans for the individuals, groups, or departments connected to bias-related incidents. Reporting helps Sacramento State understand where and how people experience bias on campus. Ultimately, reporting helps Sacramento State become a more welcoming and inclusive campus.
  • If you witness or are made aware of bias-related incidents, we encourage you to use the online reporting form. If you are uncomfortable submitting a bias incident report, ask a trusted colleague or friend to do it for you. You are also welcome to reach out to the Division of Inclusive Excellence (Inclusive Excellence) and/or the Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO). 

How do I report a bias incident?

  • For anyone who experiences or witnesses a bias incident:
    • If a crime has been committed, call 911. If the threat is not immediate, call the University Police non-emergency number at (916) 278-6000 (on campus, 8-6000).
    • Save all evidence, including emails, letters, voicemail messages, photos, the names and contact information of witnesses, etc.
    • Write a chronology of the event to assist you in recalling the facts later.
    • Report the incident using the online report form.
  • If requested, meet with the Office for Equal Opportunity to discuss the crime or incident, response options, and obtain information about Sacramento State, local, and statewide resources available to you and affected community members.

Can I report anonymously?

  • While first-person reports are preferred and allow for the broadest range of response options, anonymous reports will be accepted. You may report using the online report form.

What should I expect after submitting a report?

  • Once the Bias Incident Response Team is established, the team and campus officials will review the report and Institutional responses may include:
    • Removal of graffiti or flyers
    • Individual outreach to an affected party
    • Connecting affected parties to relevant resources
    • Educational workshops or seminars
    • Notice to the community about the incident
    • Offer of support and assistance to affected individuals/communities (typically in the form of counseling)
    • Referral to and information about other campus resources and local organizations
    • Referral to law enforcement
    • Initiation of a campus judicial response
    • Information about criminal and civil remedies
    • Educational programming
    • Assistance in communicating with local law enforcement or legal agencies
    • The Bias Incident Response Team will acknowledge receipt of all reports if contact information is provided. Anyone who submits a report can ask questions about the status of the Bias Incident Response Team’s work with the case at any time.
  • We acknowledge it takes courage to submit a report to the Bias Incident Response Team. Thank you.

How do reports get used?

  • Reports will be reviewed to determine the appropriate institutional response and to examine trends in order to determine what – if any – proactive responses may be implemented to prevent further occurrences of similar incidents. In addition, the campus will report out trends related to bias incidents to better prevent, monitor, and respond to such instances and take steps to ensure a welcoming and inclusive campus climate.

What is the Bias Incident Response Team? What is the membership?

  • The membership and process for the Bias Incident Response Team is currently being finalized. It is anticipated the team will include members from the following areas of Sacramento State:
    • Inclusive Excellence
    • Counseling and Psychological Services
    • Crisis Assistance Resource and Education Support
    • Housing and Residential Life
    • Student Conduct
    • Office for Equal Opportunity
    • Human Resources
    • Office of Faculty Advancement
    • Sacramento State Police Department
    • University Counsel

What reporting does the campus do with respect to bias incidents:

  • Sacramento State is also committed to transparency and accountability with respect to our campus climate, including the occurrence and response to incidents of bias on our campus. Accordingly, the Division of Inclusive Excellence in collaboration with the Bias Incident Response Team and other campus partners provides annual reports on bias incidents and campus response that occur with respect to Sacramento State.
  • Annual Reporting On:
    • Trends
    • Methodology
    • Specific Data Points:
    • Number of Complaints Based on Type of Incident
    • Number of Complaints Based on Type of Bias or Discrimination
    • Number of Institutional Responses Taken
If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate assistance, please call 911 or the Sacramento State Police Department at 916-278-6000.