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Diversity & Inclusion Division of Inclusive Excellence

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Diversity Council

The California State University, Sacramento Diversity Council is a committee of the University, established by the President. The purpose of the Diversity Council is to provide advice, recommendations, and participatory support on matters related to equity, diversity, and inclusion to the Executive Director of the Office of Inclusive Excellence. Diversity Council members generally serve staggered two-year terms.

2019-2020 Diversity Council Calendar (PDF)

Diversity Council Charge (PDF)

2019-2020 Diversity Council

Diana Tate Vermeire, Chair
Vice President, Inclusive Excellence and University Diversity Officer

Gabriella Santiago, ASI Appointee
ASI, Director of Graduate Studies

Samantha Blackburn, Faculty Senate Appointee
Faculty – School of Nursing
Graduate Program Coordinator and School Nurse Program Coordinator

Warren Bonta, At-Large Appointee
Community Member, Renaissance Society

Michelle Dungca, Human Resources Appointee
Director, Classification and Compensation

Marya Endriga, At-Large Appointee
Associate Dean, Student and Personnel Success
College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

Alma Flores, At-Large Appointee
Facuty – Undergraduate Studies in Education

Tim Fong, Faculty Senate Appointee
Faculty – Ethnic Studies

Nicole Fox, Academic Affairs Appointee
Faculty – Criminal Justice

Rachel Frame, University Staff Assembly Appointee
Library Assistant – University Library

Samuel N. Jones, At-Large Appointee
Director of Housing Operations and Conference Services

Tina Jordan-Brown, Student Affairs Appointee
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Success Initiatives
Director, Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC), Guardian Scholars Program

Amy Kautzman, Academic Affairs Appointee
Dean, University Library

Leili Khalessi, University Advancement Appointee
Lead Alumni Communications & Outreach Officer

Jamie Kneitel, Academic Affairs Appointeed
Faculty – Biological Sciences

Beth Lesen, Student Affairs Appointee
Associate Vice President/Dean of Students, Student Engagement

Tony Lucas, Administration & Business Affairs Appointee
Associate Vice President, Business and Administrative Services

José “Humphrey” Meseguer, At-Large Appointee
Community Service Specialist, University Police Department

Amber Morley, USA Appointee
Alumni Chapters & Networks Officer
Alumni Relations & the Sacramento State Alumni Association

Boatamo Mosupyoe, Academic Affairs Appointee
Associate Dean for Resource & Program Management
College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

Melissa Muganzo, Student Affairs Appointee
Coordinator, PRIDE Center

Tyler Pinkney, IRT Appointee
IT Coordinator, Info Tech Consultant

Kevan Shafizadeh, At-Large Appointee
Associate Dean, College of Engineering & Computer Science

Mary Ann Wong, Student Affairs Appointee
Student Affair Project and Program Evaluation Manager