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Division of Inclusive Excellence

Meet Us

Vice President's Office

Mia Settles-Tidwell, Ed.D.

Vice President for Inclusive Excellence, University Diversity Officer

Photo of Mia Settles-Tidwell, Ed.D.
  • Specialty & Interests: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Cheri Acton

Confidential Office Support

Photo of Cheri Acton

Emily Robinson, MPH

Project Management Specialist

Photo of Emily  Robinson, MPH
  • Specialty & Interests: "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." -James Baldwin

Tatiana Azad, M.S.

Analyst, Division of Inclusive Excellence

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  • Specialty & Interests: "When we listen with the intent to understand others, rather than with the intent to reply, we begin true communication and relationship building." - Stephen R. Covey

Leha Hawkins, Ed.D.

Communications and Programs Specialist

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Inclusive Initiatives

Robert Reyes, M.A.

Director of Inclusive Excellence Learning

Photo of Robert Reyes, M.A.

Lina Rincón, Ph.D.

Director of Faculty Diversity & Inclusion

Photo of Lina Rincón, Ph.D.

Katherine Betts, M.S.

Director of Belonging Education, and Support

Photo of Katherine Betts, M.S.

Office for Equal Opportunity

Mary Lee Vance, Ph.D.

Interim Director of Equal Opportunity

Photo of Mary Lee Vance, Ph.D.
  • Specialty & Interests: "We are all part of one another." - Yuri Kochiyama

Alison Nygard

Associate Director, Office for Equal Opportunity

Photo of Alison Nygard

Stephanie Cruz, J.D.

Senior OEO Investigator/Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Photo of Stephanie Cruz, J.D.
  • Specialty & Interests: "You are worth taking up space"

Christina Armstrong

OEO Project Manager

Photo of Christina  Armstrong

Kevin Pereira

OEO Administrative Support Coordinator

Photo of Kevin Pereira
Total Members: 13