Sacramento State Campus Climate Surveys

At Sacramento State, we are committed to understanding our campus climate and responding to the needs of our community. To carry out that commitment, we use surveys that elicit feedback from students, faculty, staff, and administrators on topics relevant to the climate on our campus.


Results of the 2018 Sacramento State Campus Climate Survey

April 4, 2019, Campus Climate Survey Results Forum


Forum Slides

Small Group Discussions: Information and Registration

Thank you to those who were able to join us at the Forum on April 4, 2019, for highlights from the 2018 Sacramento State Campus Climate Survey.

Please also consider participating in a small group discussion of survey results and potential action items hosted by the Office of Inclusive Excellence and facilitated by the College of Continuing Education. In the hopes of creating meaningful dialogue among participants, we have assigned a focus for each small group discussion and encourage you to choose the session that offers you the best opportunity to share your feedback.


Purpose and Goals

The University administered the 2018 campus climate survey to assess the experience of faculty, staff, and administrators. In particular, the survey goals were to:

  1. Create a baseline for understanding and evaluating Sacramento State’s campus climate among faculty, staff, and administrators;Click here for a copy of the 2018 Campus Climate Survey Results Report.
  2. Identify opportunities for improving the campus climate and establish an order of priority;
  3. Use a transparent and responsive process; and
  4. Create a responsive action plan for the University that can be implemented from 2019-2021.

Report Feedback

Sacramento State’s leadership now seeks feedback from our campus community on the survey and actions that the University should take in response. While all feedback is welcome, four specific questions have been identified to help in creating a campus accountability plan:

  1. What are the most important areas for improvement based on the climate survey results?
  2. What actions should the University take to bring about those improvements? Please be specific. What outcomes would you expect to see as a result of the recommended actions?
  3. What other significant indicators of a positive campus climate would you note based on the climate survey results?
  4. What other comments do you have?

In response to the report and the campus community’s feedback, an action plan will be developed and implemented. 

Individuals who wish to provide feedback may:

  1. Submit anonymous online feedback.
  2. Send an email to the Office of Inclusive Excellence at (Please use the subject line “2018 Sacramento State Campus Climate Survey”).
  3. Participate in a small group discussion in late April to early May, 2019.
  4. Leave written comments in the drop-box at the Office of Inclusive Excellence, Sacramento Hall 220.

Accountability Plan

Using the survey results and the community feedback, the University plans to produce a campus accountability plan for addressing identified areas of improvement. The plan will be developed by campus leadership with the assistance of the Office of Inclusive Excellence and the CSUS Diversity Council. The goal is to release a plan in fall 2019. 


2019 National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates

In spring 2019, Sacramento State participated in the USC Race and Equity Center’s National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates (NACCC) survey, a 15-minute, web-based undergraduate student survey focused on students’ feelings about mattering, inclusion, and racial climate on campus. Sacramento State chose to participate in the survey to better understand the experiences of our students related to issues of race and racial climate and to identify opportunities for improving the campus climate for all our students.

The NACCC survey was administered to Sacramento State students from Monday, February 4, through Friday, March 15, 2019.  Undergraduate students received an email with a link to the survey and students completing the survey were entered into drawings for one of more than 200 gift cards valued at $10 or more; the grand prize was a $150 gift card.

The areas of inquiry for the NACCC survey are:

  • impact of external environments
  • mattering and affirmation
  • cross-racial engagement
  • encounters with racial stress
  • racial learning and literacy
  • appraisals of institutional commitment

Sacramento State students completed a total of 5,643 surveys, which is a 21% survey completion rate.  Sacramento State will receive its NACCC survey results and report in Fall 2019.  The results of this anonymous survey will be used to develop an action plan and set priorities to make Sacramento State a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

Click here for more details about the gift cards. Email notifications from are still going out to the second and third round winners.

For students with question, please see the NACCC’s Student FAQs. Any questions regarding Sacramento State’s participation in the NACCC survey should be sent via email to the Office of Inclusive Excellence at (Please use the subject line “2019 NACCC Survey.”)