Costume Rentals

Sacramento State Costume Shop is committed first and foremost to Department of Theatre and Dance productions and Sacramento State students. Public access to costume stock along with rental and return services are made available at the discretion of the Costume Shop Manager.

Costume Shop

The Sacramento State Costume Shop rents costume pieces to professional, community, and school performing arts groups only. Under no circumstances are costumes rented to individuals for Halloween, parties or other such events.

Rental Hours and Appointments: Costume rentals are by appointment only. Please call (916) 278-6384 a minimum of 24 hours in advance to set up an appointment with the Rentals Coordinator. Rentals hours (7 hours per week) are set at the beginning of each semester. Anyone arriving to rent costumes without an appointment will not be seen. The Rentals Coordinator will open costume storage doors and help guide you to the proper areas for your costume needs. Costume rentals are “self-service” meaning that you will need to search for and select the costumes you hope to rent. It is most helpful to know the needed styles and sizes. The Rentals Manager may or may not be available to help you locate items within the stockroom.

Rentable Items: Most costume items are available for rental. Wigs, shoes, hosiery, jewelry, glasses and most hats are not available to rent. All costume rentals are subject to the approval of the Costume Shop Manager.

Costume Rental Policies and Fees