Sons / Ancestors Players

This is one of the oldest African American theatre groups west of the Mississippi. It can boast many local, regional and national awards as well as being the first African American theatre group to perform at the Kennedy Center in conjunction with the American College Theatre Festival.

Sons / Ancestors Photo

"Sons/Ancestors represents theatre with an Afrocentric view. Not only does it provide black plays to the university students and the community, it also give students an opportunity to learn theatre from a different direction. Throughout a student's academic life, knowledge is thrust upon them from various angles, to encourage them to awaken to the calls and responsibilities of the larger community - the world - the universe and whatever there is beyond. Sometimes in the shake-up perhaps you find your basic philiosophy has been challenged to find a higher ground, or a deeper foundation. That is what happens sometmes in the quest of theatre in the African continuum presented as part of Sons/Ancestors Players."

-- Myrtle Stephan
(Actress/Director and one the founding members of Sons/Ancestors Players)

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