Information for Economics Students

The Department of Economics at CSUS is committed to offering majors quality advising on issues related to the Economics degree at CSUS and career opportunities. Below are some useful links, information, and forms for Economics Majors.

Majoring in Economics: Frequently asked questions

If you miss your advising appointment, the next available appointment you can make is one month from the missed appointment.

Regular advising ends the last week of instruction.

Students can set up appointments with undergraduate advisors by signing up in the advising binder in TAH 3028. Do not call to ask to set up an advising appointment over the telephone. Due to the number of students we have in the major, we cannot make appointments for advising over the telephone. No exceptions.

Advising is not available on a regular basis in between semesters. An appointment is required for advising during the semester.  There are NO WALK-IN advising appointments except when advertised. (First two weeks of the semester and the week before students sign up for the spring semester's courses).

Planning your Economics Major:

Students majoring in Economics need 45 units to complete a BA in Economics, with a total minimum of 120 units required for graduation at CSUS. Of the 45 units, 12 are required lower division courses (1A, 1B, Stat 1, Math 24); 15 are upper division required courses (core courses: 100A, 100B, 140 and either 101 or 113 and 145) and the remaining 18 units (6 courses) are upper division electives. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor and fill out a Major Advising Worksheet. Links to Major Advising Worksheets corresponding to the requirements in the current and previous catalog years are provided below:

2015 Advising Worksheet - fill in

Economics - Declaration of Major Form

Before you come in for your scheduled advising appointment please have the following ready:

Advising Worksheet reflecting all major-specific courses taken to date.


Read and complete the Reinstatement Guidelines. Please see the Economics Department's policies page for more detail here.

Econ 145 requirements:  You must be a graduating senior to be enrolled in Econ 145. *WPJ score is also needed.

Planning your Economics Minor:

As specified in the 2002-2004 catalog, students minoring in Economics need to complete a minimum of 21 units. Out of the 21 units, 9 lower division units maximum are allowed and the remaining 12 must be upper division Economics units. 

Click here for the MINOR PETITION.

Catalog Rights:

Over the years, there have been some changes to the Economics Program at CSUS. Requirements may vary between catalog years in terms of both the Economics BA Program and the total unit requirement for graduation. Please let your advisor know your catalog year. Access online catalog here.


Students should apply for graduation one year in advance of their planned graduation date. You may now apply to graduate through your Student Center.

Students who have taken required courses elsewhere - need to complete a Course Substitution form.  This form (and others) can be found in your student center under My Forms.

Remember:  You can count ONLY ONE of the following courses towards your major: Econ 112, 120, 181, 184 or 189. (You can take any number of these classes, but only ONE will count towards graduation - no exceptions).