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Careers in Business Economics: A Publication of the National Association for Business Economics 

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The following is an excerpt from the NABE's Careers in Business Economics:

More and more firms are becoming aware of the contribution that business economists can make in day-to-day decisions. One reason for this greater awareness is that a growing proportion of middle and top management has a master's degree in business or similar training that equips management to understand and utilize the professional work of economists. Another reason is the growing complexity of domestic and international economics. Business economists are increasingly asked to work with other specialists in business--investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, treasurers, engineers, and others--to assist in solving problems. This trend, too, indicates an expanding role for business economists. Finally, the career of business economics is increasingly recognized as one of the routes to top management. In recent years, business economists have become presidents or senior officers of banks, insurance companies, trade associations, investment houses and industrial companies. Although not all business economists are capable or even desirous of advancing to a top management position, it is clear that economics is a business function of central importance and thus can be a pathway to the top. Indeed, economics is the second most likely undergraduate major (after engineering) that today's CEOs have. Interestingly, two NABE past presidents are currently presidents of federal reserve banks, one is president of a very large national bank and another, Alan Greenspan, heads the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

If you have inclinations toward government policy positions, never fear. Recently, among the top seven industrialized countries, the key central bank governor is an economist in Great Britain, Germany, Italy and the U.S. In France and Italy, the Finance Minister also holds an economics degree. Looking at twelve developing countries, all but one of the central bank governors holds an economics degree. Among the finance ministers, all but three hold economics degrees. Clearly, economics is a useful background for government policy.

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