English Pre-Credential BA Advisor
Susan Fanetti      

TESOL Advisor
Julian Heather   

Spring 2019 Faculty Fellow for Advising
Rosa Martinez

Fall 19 Faculty Fellow for Advising

To help students establish a closer relationship with our faculty and to improve our majors' advising experience, the English department has unofficially assigned each English major to an advisor. Please see the table below for your advisor assignment. For your advisor's up-to-date contact information and office hours, please visit the tenured/tenure-track faculty contact information page.

Majors are encouraged to see their advisor at least once a semester to discuss major requirements and progress toward graduation. Feel free to see anyone else on this list if your assigned advisor is unavailable or if you already have a good working relationship with another advisor. You can also meet with our Faculty Fellow for advising during their open advising hours.

It is recommended that you print and bring a copy of a course requirments worksheet. These worksheets are available on the Undergraduate and Graduate webpages.


English BA, MA, and Minor Advisors

For Last Names..

Please See..


A – Ar

John Clark

As - Ca

Angela Clark-Oates

Cb – Da

Jonas Cope

Db - Es

Sam Dunn


Et – Fo

Jason Gieger

Fp – Ha

Hogan Hayes

Hb – In

Amy Heckathorn

Im – Ki

Reiko Komiyama

Kj – Le

Angela Laflen


Lf – Ma

Hellen Lee

Mb – Nc

Rosa Martinez

Nd – Pa

Josh McKinney

Pb - Re

Doug Rice

Rf – Sh

Mi-Suk Seo

Si – Th

Susan Wanlass

Ti – Vu

Brett Williams


Vv – Z

Kim Zarins