Internships in English

The English department offers a number of internships every semester. Interns receive careful supervision by an Internship Mentor in the job setting and by the Faculty Internship Coordinator in the English Department. Students earn 3 units of upper-division or graduate credit, depending upon class standing.

Earning Academic Credit, Gaining Work Experience

Internships provide opportunities to explore your chosen professional field. By learning and experiencing the day-to-day responsibilities and demands of the job, an internship will help you determine if the profession is indeed a good fit for you.

Read what some of our past Interns have reported about their experience:

Mandy reported:
"This internship gave me my first experience in the world of publishing, a world that I had absolutely no familiarity with. It was the best experience I have had and I am glad that I have had the opportunity."

Katie reported:
"Many things I wouldn't do over again and many things I truly enjoyed, but above all I consider my internship [with a literary agency] to be one of the most influential experiences of my college career."

Stephanie reported:
"[The article I wrote] received a response back from Marie Claire magazine! I am very excited about the entire process."

Internship Procedures

The following is a quick overview of the English department's internship process. For more detailed information, please see the Internship Handbook and FAQs.

Before Your Internship

  • Enroll in English 195C (for undergraduates) or English 410C (for graduates) for the semester in which you intend to complete your internship. If your internship work will be outside the normal Spring or Fall semesters, contact the Internship Coordinator for advice on how to proceed.
  • Schedule an initial consultation with the Internship Coordinator before you begin searching for an internship. Please note: Not all internships qualify for English credit.
  • Work with your internship mentor--the person who will be supervising your work while on the job--to complete an Internship Information Form.
  • Submit an Internship Risk Management Release Form. All interns are covered by the Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance Program (SAFECLIP).

During Your Internship

  • Submit bi-weekly reports of your work via email to the Internship Coordinator.
  • Track the number of hours you work each day on the Internship Timesheet Report. You will be required to work at least 150 hours to receive course credit for the internship.

After Your Internship