That’s how you’ll learn about emergencies or critical incidents that happen on the Sacramento State campus. If your classroom or desk phone rings three times in quick succession, pick it up. You’ll receive information on the emergency along with what precautions to take.

  • There’s a new way to get in touch with faculty in their classrooms or at their desks when a critical incident occurs on campus—when a classroom or desk phone rings three times, pick it up!
  • After picking up your phone, a recorded message will provide details about the critical incident.
  • A video example of the telephone’s three rings is available at
  • The “Three rings. pick it up!” message is just one way Public Safety can communicate critical incident information. It is part of the Emergency Notification System (ENS), which informs the campus community in a variety of ways about incidents that may be an immediate danger to faculty, staff, students and campus visitors.
  • ENS is designed to send out text messages, voice mail messages and email messages to students, faculty and staff in the event of a critical situation that has the potential to cause harm or imminent danger.
  • The alerts would be used only in the event of an emergency that threatened the campus community’s health and safety. Examples of such events would be a campus shooting, bomb threat, hazardous materials spills, flood or fire.